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Our Oceano PAS system records patient engagement across your Trust, including inpatient, outpatient, and emergency cases. It also manages patient demographics, referrals, appointments, referrals to treatment and waiting list data. 

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Why Oceano? 

Oceano's patient record software gives you more time to provide better care because you spend less time on admin and have access to good quality, real-time data. We call this Digital Care and we’re here to support you. 

Oceano integrates easily with existing electronic patient record (EPR) systems. And, because we’ve created Oceano PAS software modules for each specialised area of care, there’s no need to replace your whole system at once. Our proven approach to data migration also minimises disruption and ensures you can be confident in your system and its data. 

By taking a patient-centric approach, Oceano delivers: 

  • An end-to-end system for managing patient care 
  • Simple, flexible integration  
  • A patient administration system that sets you free 

Oceano underpins the UK Government's strategy for converged care. It’s also very intuitive and designed to limit the risk of errors. This, combined with timesaving features and automations, means people find it quick and easy to use and apply best practice. 

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Care Compliance

Patient administration system 

By automating processes and ensuring data is entered only once, the Oceano patient administration system helps you reduce administrative costs, improve data accuracy, and provide a more efficient, effective service for patients.  

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Electronic patient record (EPR) systems 

EPR empowers community, mental and child health providers to improve their outcomes, by providing a holistic picture of each person.  

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Bed management

Effective bed management supports decision-making for clinicians and bed managers and has a positive impact on their jobs, as well as on each patient’s quality of care.

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University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

We are delighted that OceanoPAS has been rolled-out across the Trust. The system is as intuitive as possible, to make it hard to do the ‘wrong thing’ by limiting the ability to input incorrect data or select inappropriate actions thus making it easier for our staff to do the ‘right thing'.