Access helps Ovacome increase digital traffic by 89% during Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

"Since working with Access we’ve seen a massive uptick in people engaging with us and using our services after finding us online which has a great impact on our ability to support the community." Alice Keane, Communications and Events Officer, Ovacome


Ovacome is a national UK ovarian cancer charity focused on providing support to anyone affected by ovarian cancer. The charity provides a range of support services which includes a freephone support line, email support, a 24-hour online forum, support groups and events across the UK and online.


  • An outdated website that did not embody the friendly, community-focused nature of the charity
  • Poor website structure, which did not forefront essential support offering
  • Using multiple event and fundraising platforms wasting money and disrupting the user journey



  • A simple, easy to use website that puts support at the forefront
  • A dramatic increase in web traffic and online visibility supported by effective use of Google Ads
  • A function rich platform that has integrated support, events and fundraising into one place

Before Access

Before working with Access, Ovacome felt they had outgrown their previous website platform and design. The website they had in place was poorly structured and was not serving the primary objectives of the charity. Ovacome were also struggling with the limited functionality of their previous platform.

When looking at their key goals for building a website and online presence that would suit their needs and objectives, Ovacome had three primary considerations. The first being to build the charity’s online visibility. The second area they needed to focus on was ensuring that people were able to find the support services they needed at the right time, removing any barriers to support their previous websites had created. And the third requirement was for a website that was simple and accessible to an older audience with varying computer skills.

An easy to navigate website that puts support front and centre

One of the biggest factors Ovacome needed to address was the structure of their website. The team at Ovacome worked closely with Access to ensure the structure of the new website fulfilled the charity’s aims. "We needed to completely change the site map and decide what content we wanted to put at the forefront. In one of our initial meetings the team at Access helped us decide how best to organise the site to suit our needs," Alice explained. 

Since working with Access, Ovacome’s website is more fit for purpose than ever before. It puts their support offering front and centre and has a simple and personable aesthetic that is both easy to navigate and inviting. And since the redesign Ovacome’s online performance has seen an impressive uptick, particularly during key events.

"March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, so our busiest month of the year. I compared the report from 2018, before the website went live, to 2019 when we had the new website in place and we saw around an 89% increase in traffic and a huge jump in page views."

Ovacome really feel that they now have a website and a supporting online presence, including social media and google ads, which truly embody and amplify their work and ethos as a charity.

Building digital maturity with events, support and fundraising all available online

Ovacome have really leant into building their online presence. With a focused effort to improve their digital maturity Ovacome have integrated not only their fundraising, but also their support services and several of their events into their website, improving the user experience and extending the reach and accessibility of all their services. Integrating their fundraising into the website has not only saved Ovacome money but also allowed them to have real control and oversight over their fundraising activity.

Bringing some of their events online has also helped Ovacome create an inclusive and accessible fundraising community for all their supporters and service users.

Ovacome have found that having a responsive and easy to use platform has allowed them to implement these changes quickly and effectively, so they have been able to better serve their community throughout the pandemic.

Alice said: "The website has been a massive part of us providing these digital tools to the community. The ease with which we’re able to edit the website compared to previous platforms has been brilliant. We can review and edit all our website content to make sure it’s all relevant and appropriate given the current situation. We’ve also been able to quickly edit all our fundraising pages and upload new guidance. It’s so intuitive, everyone in Ovacome is able to go into the backend and make changes which has meant we’ve been able be proactive and develop the new online support offer." 

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