Arthritis Ireland exceed their online fundraising targets with Access thankQ CRM and the NFP Website Suite

"2020 was a very challenging year for us, especially with our service users, as we had to switch everything to digital but we managed to succeed. In 2021, all our staff will continue to mostly work from home so our information events and courses will be run online. But with the Access NFP Website platform and Access thankQ CRM that we have in place, we feel very confident for the future." Svetlana Kushnirenko, Programme Coordinator and Data Management, Arthritis Ireland

Arthritis Ireland

In the four decades since Arthritis Ireland was established, we have worked relentlessly to support people with arthritis and to improve their quality of life.

Their mission is to ensure that every person living with arthritis in Ireland is supported to live a full and active life, having access to appropriate health services and treatments. They work to ensure an enhanced quality of life for people living with arthritis, minimising the devastating effects that arthritis can have on lives.

The challenges facing Arthritis Ireland 

Arthritis Ireland were struggling with their old CRM system which allowed them to input data but unfortunately it wasn't very easy to extract reports or information about their donors and users and none of their team members found the system easy to use.

"When we migrated to Access thankQ CRM, everyone was very pleased, especially with having a new cloud based system, people were very enthusiastic to use it. It’s great to have all our data in one place and be able to use it in a much more effective way. Compared with our old system, Access thankQ is very user friendly. When we have a new starter who needs to be trained on using the system, they are always impressed by the fact that with a few clicks you are able to extract very useful information for your projects or fundraising campaigns.

"It is a system that allows us to access our data easily, it allows us to see who our donors are, what part of the city or the country are coming from and it is very quick and easy to extract this type of report/ list. thankQ gives us the tools to extract the data we need to target the groups that we are interested in and the groups that are interested in our services," said Svetlana.

Access thankQ has helped us maximise the impact of our internal resources

"It makes such a difference having all the data in one place. For example, it made our Spring Raffle our most successful campaign during the pandemic. It allowed us to easily target the data we collected from customers who ordered masks on our eshop, at the beginning of the pandemic, who then donated and the fundraising campaign was a great success. All this due to having Access thankQ in place which allows us to have updated, good quality data, all in one place."

Access thankQ has helped us be GDPR compliant

"Being GDPR compliant is very important for our organisation and yes, thankQ has helped us with that. All our booking forms contain the consent box and we are able to update that information in real-time."

Access NFP Website Suite has allowed us to support our users through hard times

"The Access NFP Website has made things much easier for us, especially during the pandemic, as all our courses as well as news stories which can be information or developments on arthritis treatments, etc had to constantly be updated."

Access NFP Website Suite is so easy to use 

"All feedback from our service users is positive. They find the website very easy to navigate and can easily find what they are looking for," explained Svetlana.