Equality & Diversity

Organisations are legally required to adhere to certain practices to ensure that discrimination is eliminated and expectations of equality are consistently met within the workplace.

By undertaking this Equality and Diversity eLearning course, users will gain a better understanding of the importance of equality and diversity, and the different types of discrimination that exist. They will also be better able to identify harassment, victimisation and bullying behaviour in the workplace.

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"I found the course explains the content in a way that is easy to understand. The content is very relevant to all areas of care profession." - Joby Joseph, Woodside

"I have enjoyed this course as I gained knowledge of things that I didn't know. Great course." - Ivy Phiri, Elwick Grange

Training objectives

Course content

Course style

Training objectives

  • Define equality and diversity
  • Identify ways of promoting equality and diversity
  • Recognise the Equality Act 2010 and understand the 9 protected characteristics
  • Recognise and distinguish between direct and indirect discrimination
  • Identify the difference types of discrimination including harassment, victimisation and bullying behaviour
  • Take appropriate action to develop a fairer, more inclusive working environment for all
  • Define and understand whistleblowing
  • Recognise the benefits of promoting a more diverse culture at work
  • Understand how to handle sensitive customer issues
  • Understand how to handle recruitment

Course content

  • Defining equality and diversity - Find out what is meant by equality and diversity and how they can be promoted within a working environment.
  • Meeting legal requirements - This section will cover The Equality Act 2010 and the 9 protected characteristics: age, disability, gender management, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, gender and sexual orientation.
  • Types of discrimination - Find out about direct and indirect discrimination, including the definitions of victimisation, bullying and whistleblowing. Discover how you can personally help to develop a fairer, more inclusive working environment.
  • Unconscious bias - Learn how unconscious bias can affect your behaviour and impact the workplace, recognising the 9 different types of bias, and discovering ways in which you can mitigate its influence.
  • Workplace bullying - Identify signs and symptoms of bullying and learn about the reporting process and the responsibilities of employers in relation to workplace bullying.
  • For law firms only - We cover obligations under the SRA Code of Conduct, how to handle issues that arise when dealing with clients, and how to deal with counsel and other third parties. 

Course style


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