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Access Mosaic enables social care professionals to have more time and the information they need to support adults, children and families to achieve positive outcomes.

Trusted across the UK by local authorities, it is the only online digital system providing adult and children's social care case management and finance in one platform. Combining flexibility with structure, it is designed to lead workers seamlessly through their case recording; complying with statutory requirements, while allowing each customer to configure that workflow to encompass, support and guide on local practices.

We work alongside other Companies in Local Government to integrate their solutions with Access Mosaic Social Care Case Management solution

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Social Care Case Management

Our customer-led social care case management software that allows you to work on the move and provides the information you need wherever you are.   


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Case Management Portal

A secure integrated portal solution that interfaces with Mosaic case management software, the core functionality helps you shift communication more effective digital channels. 

Whilst cutting costs and speeding up vital processes, it also allows efficient multi-agency working and individual’s access to vital information for their care. 


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Mosaic Health Viewer

Mosaic provides real time social care data via our interoperability platform, to multiple health providers including GPs, Hospitals and outpatient care. Practitioners will receive a single view compiling a history of a person and their needs, allowing them to take a more informed and holistic approach when determining the right course of action.

Mosaic also supports a built in viewers allowing social workers and other practitioners to view the shared care record and history of a patient. Integrations have been established with the following providers; Orion Health, Oracle Cerner, Intersystems, Interweave and Graphnet Health. 

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Social Care Finance (Abacus)

An intuitive, integrated system that integrates with a range of case management systems, including Mosaic, Abacus social care finance provides user-friendly workflows and financial reporting enabling you to stay up to date and focus on providing care.


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Mosaic Mobile

A modern app for social workers that links seamlessly to Mosaic, Mosaic Mobilise provides key information to professionals at the point of care.

It gives the flexibility to access vital information and to update care records while in the community, enabling social workers to make better, more informed decisions. 

Provider Portal

Delivering proven cost savings by digitally linking social care providers and local authorities, Provider Portal will significantly reduce the time and effort of payment teams in processing and verifying invoices and releasing payments to providers. 


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Access Health and Support Suite: Software to support quality care

Whether you’re a commissioner, local authority, health organisation or delivering care services, our Access Health and Support Suite has a solution for you.

We support a range of services, working together to provide a scalable and enhanced service for Local Authorities, NHS organisations and care facilities across the UK. Our combined in-house expertise ensures we can continue to support the public sector's challenges, to bring continued growth and improve the quality of care for individuals.

Completely secure: With multi-level access control, and ISO 27001 security and Information Governance Standards compliant, we make sure only the right people can access the information they need.

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