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Market insights and analytics for care

Social care decision makers need dynamic care data for quality improvement and risk mitigation.

Our flexible solutions can transform the provider assessment process, deliver valuable market insight including spend & activity/capacity & availability, and help accurately predict future demand.

Turn your data into actionable intelligence to support commissioning, market shaping and oversight responsibilities.

Dynamic data for quality improvement in health and social care

The Access PAMMS suite of solutions are proven to increase market intelligence/understanding, care quality and service sustainability in today’s fragile market. Over 60 Councils already rely on PAMMS for evidence to help improve care services.

Social Care Landscape

PAMMS Social Care Landscape is a sophisticated analytics and insight tool that brings together a wide range of datasets providing easy visibility of key information. This actionable intelligence is then used to monitor risks, contracts management and more.

Visualise data to reveal market insight

Our market insight reports are easy to understand, and by visualising data, trends can be spotted which could have otherwise been missed. These accessible and flexible reports allow you to provide up-to-date business intelligence for all stakeholders, including Quality and Contracts Managers, Heads of Service/Commissioning and Directors.

Through a flexible range of mix-n-match market insight packs you can bring together everything you need to know about:

  • Population and demand
  • Spend and activity
  • Capacity and availability
  • Quality and risk

Real-time and historical reporting made easy

Our Public Plug-ins enable Local Authorities to deliver powerful reporting services within their own website, such as Market Position Statement (MPS) or response to Freedom of Information requests.

Download more information about PAMMS Social Care Landscape

Quality Assurance

PAMMS Quality Assurance (QA) is a tried and tested solution for working collaboratively with Providers to increase quality. This can be in person or via remote self-assessment backed up with tangible evidence.

How can PAMMS QA help?

  • Identify and rank risks to prioritise assessment resources.
  • Gather evidence from Providers, Care Workers and Service Users within one central, easy-to-use platform.
  • When used regionally the process ensures that Providers who are working across Local Authority boundaries are only assessed once, with information shared across other relevant Local Authorities. This dramatically reduces administrative duplication.
  • Outcomes and standards of care are assessed using an evidence-based approach.
  • All results including areas of improvement and action plans are easily shared with Providers online.

Find out more about what PAMMS QA could do for you by watching the video or downloading the PAMMS QA product profile

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Demand Modelling

Access PAMMS Demand Model is a versatile market management tool that helps Local Authorities closely monitor their activity levels and makes highly accurate predictions about future demand.

Combining statistical forecasting techniques with artificial intelligence, Demand Model analyses long-term historical activity to identify trends and patterns. This helps local authorities to better understand customer behaviour, manage unexpected events and predict areas of risk. It also provides valuable insight into the budget required across different service types and primary support reasons.

Download our Demand Model eGuide

Provider Returns

Access PAMMS Provider Returns is an 'out-the-box' solution which allows for easy creation, distribution and reporting of Provider self-assessment / returns data. This empowers Councils by automating the collection of intelligence about the local care market. 

Provider Returns supports market shaping responsibilities: 

  • Enables Local Authorities to undertake tailored data collection from care Providers
  • Improves quality standards monitoring and collection of contractual key performance information
  • Can be used to collect information prior to an assessment
  • Secure sharing of data reduces duplication for Providers working across Local Authority boundaries

Download our Provider Returns product profile

Market Position Statements

Make better use of your social care data by creating an automated, interactive Market Position Statement

Market Position Statements (MPS) are a key way to summarise current and future care market provision and trends.

Traditionally they have been labour intensive to produce and once information is collated, analysed, and made public, it is already becoming out of date.

Our innovative solution collects information from your data hub and creates an up-to-date and interactive Market Position Statement, with users able to drill-down and explore the information on offer.

Download our Market Position Statement Guide

Risk Profiler

Access PAMMS Risk Profiler brings together a range of intelligent data sources which highlight Providers at various stages of risk. This allows you to keep a watchful eye over the Provider market and offer support to Providers who need it most, helping to minimise service user disruption. Our Risk Profiler dashboard makes it easy to spot risks and trends, alongside offering comprehensive filtering options, so you can monitor risk across care type, location and more.

Risk Profiler gives you access to:

  • Providers and branch detail (both regulated and non-regulated) including service type
  • A view of who else, nationally, contracts with this Provider
  • Regulator detail including CQC ratings (check CQC ratings over time)
  • Company credit check ratings using a standard and consistent approach
  • PAMMS Quality Assurance ratings

Access Care Suite:Software to deliver Outstanding care

Whether you’re a commissioner, care home provider, or delivering in home care or reablement services, our web-based Access Care Suite has a solution for you.

We've been supporting the care sector to work more effectively since 1999

Flexible and scalable: We know no two organisations are the same, so our solutions can be configured to reflect your needs, services, and terminology.

Intelligent, integrated and intuitive: We’ve added features like a mobile app, voice typing, real-time alerts, and data integration to make our products incredibly easy to use.

Completely secure: With multi-level access control, and ISO 27001 security and Information Governance Standards compliant, we make sure only the right people can access the information they need.

Person-centred, Joined-up Care: With systems working together, you are able to get closer to delivering joined up care and getting a more holistic, full picture of an individual’s care.