Care monitoring, daily records and incident reporting

Manage day-to-day care effectively, report risk and incidents as they occur and get real-time care monitoring and alerts.

Care monitoring is vital in ensuring service users are receiving the right care to meet their needs, enabling you to view service performance in real-time, you can deliver quality care and improve efficiencies , as well as provide safety to your service users and care workers.

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Care monitoring, daily records and incident reporting solutions for:

Home care

Care homes

Reablement services

Local Government commissioners

Home care

Providers looking for care agency software find our real-time care monitoring a popular choice. You can monitor care visits in many ways, including using the Service User’s landline telephone or the Care Worker’s existing mobile.

It can help you with:

  • Viewing real-time service performance
  • Managing missed and late visits
  • Improving payroll and invoicing
  • Safeguarding benefits for Service Users and Lone Workers

In addition to our monitoring solution, we offer an integrated scheduling solution designed specifically for the dynamic home care environment where care needs are changing regularly.


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Care homes

Whether you’re considering care monitoring as a quality tool or looking for a system because your local Council requires contracted providers to monitor care visits, call monitoring can help.

Real-time monitoring allows you to:

  • View real-time service performance
  • Manage day-to-day care
  • Ensure all care activities are completed
  • Address any issues and manage incidents


Find out more about managing day-to-day care in care homes using care & clinical >

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Reablement services

Reablement and inhouse services find our Mobile Workforce Solution an ideal way of monitoring service delivery.

Real-time care monitoring allows you to:

  • Improve processes, communication and quality.
  • Know the real-time whereabouts of community based staff
  • Increases quality, safety and efficiency of homecare services, whilst facilitating communication.
  • Ensure services are delivered to the expected schedule
  • Combine with outcomes recording to ensure the right care is delivered at the right time.

In addition to our monitoring solution, we offer an integrated scheduling solution designed specifically for the dynamic reablement environment where care needs are changing regularly.


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Local Government commissioners

Our real-time care monitoring allows you to monitor externally delivered care in real-time which is crucial to ensuring that Service Users are getting the care needed. Access CM can help you achieve value in commissioned care by ensuring spend is based on actual care delivery.

What are the benefits of real-time care monitoring?

  • Increased transparency
  • Quality Assurance
  • Improved contract management
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Improved management information to help with provider reviews
  • Improve efficiency of Provider invoicing with Finance Manager
  • Accurate information for fair charging of service user contributions
  • Flexible visit data collection options using landline or mobile telephone (utilising the care worker’s own phone if required)
  • Ability to combine visit data with outcomes measurement and our Access PAMMS market management solutions for a more holistic view


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Manage day-to-day care effectively

Communicate efficiently to ensure all care needs are met:

  • Set up daily activities and tasks with exact or flexible times, and be alerted if they don’t happen.
  • Carers can use the mobile app to mark activities as complete, record unplanned activities, and add notes by typing, use swipe, writing with a stylus or using voice dictation, even when they’re offline.
  • Use handover notes, plus a feed of recent activities, updates and incidents, to improve quality and continuity of care.
  • Multiple people can update the record at the same time, and a detailed audit log ensures data isn’t lost.

Find out more about managing day-to-day care for domiciliary care using Care Planning and in care homes using Care and Clinical

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Real-time monitoring and alerts

Ensure all care activities are completed and issues addressed:

  • Keep an accurate audit trail of visits and contact time to meet statutory requirements using Care Planning
  • Automatically track staff time and attendance, using a touch screen, an NFC fob, GPS, or electronic call monitoring and log breaks during their shift
  • Monitor shifts, visits and activities in real time, see when tasks have been missed, or view a complete record of who did what, when
  • Choose the criteria for automatic alerts – what, when, how and who receives them
  • Access a wide range of reports on incidents, tasks, key health indicators and more

Find out more about alerts and monitoring for residential care using Care and Clinical

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Report incidents and risks

Inform the right people about any incidents, as soon as they occur

  • Enable carers to report incidents using the mobile app
  • Undertake more efficient note-taking using text or speech
  • Receive alerts, plus a copy of the incident file, in real-time

Find out more about incident reporting for domiciliary care using Care Planning and in care homes using Care and Clinical

Reporting incidents in a care setting

Delivered through Access Workspace for Care

Access Workspace for Care provides continuously updated insights enabling real-time decisions and actions across the whole care operation, saving you time every day.

Access Workspace for Care connects all Access products with a single sign-on. If you have our Financials and HR products, then these will feed in to give you an even richer and more informative picture of your business. Everything runs - and uses - centrally-held data so you know the information you are looking at is the latest available.

Easy-to-use apps bring together your Access products into one place and provides unparalleled levels of actionable insight. Connecting the apps brings the ultimate visibility of your whole operation.

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Care Planning

Bay Care

Find out how this domiciliary care provider used software to save over £70,000 a year and gain an Outstanding rating from the CQC.

As Bay Care grew, adding more clients and more carers, they realised that existing systems and paper processes were inefficient and could undermine care quality and compliance. Despite being rated ‘Good’ across all areas by the CQC, knew they could do better as she aimed for an ‘Outstanding’ rating.

Providing high quality care amidst a care-funding squeeze can be a real struggle. Bay Care Domiciliary care limited are meeting this challenge head on. They have been able to improve the experience for their clients, achieve almost perfect compliance and reduce their back office costs enormously. Here they tell us just how they did it.

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Software for every part of care management

Our software is configurable to meet individual requirements and is suitable for small independents through to large multi-service organisations and franchises.


Rostering and payroll 

Automatically track time and attendance, and quickly calculate payroll.

HSC Icon 0009 Electroniccareplans

Electronic care plans

Build comprehensive care plans using industry-standard assessment forms, and keep them up to date with real-time information.


Daily records, risks and incident reporting

Manage day-to-day care effectively, report risk and incidents as they occur and get real-time monitoring and alerts.


eMAR and medication management

Know which medication to give, how and when. Record administration accurately and get alerts when medication is missed.

HSC Icon 0004 Carecompliance

Care compliance

Get a single view of your governance and quality across multiple services.

HSC Icon 0003 Recruitmentscreening

Recruitment and screening

Manage candidates from job search and application through to assessment and offer, with automated checks to ensure compliance.

HSC Icon 0002 Retentionengagement

Retention and engagement

Engage and incentivise your care workers and attract new staff with our unique on-demand pay app, and simple yet impactful employee recognition solution.

HSC Icon 0000 Accounting


Manage income and expenditure, from invoices and credit control to purchase order invoicing, payroll and bank reconciliation.

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Access Care Suite:
Software to deliver Outstanding care

Whether you’re a commissioner, care home provider, delivering in home care or reablement services, our web-based Access Care Suite has a solution for you.

We've been supporting the care sector to work more effectively since 1999.

Flexible and scalable: We know no two organisations are the same, so our solutions can be configured to reflect your needs, services, and terminology.

Intelligent, integrated and intuitive: We’ve added features like a mobile app, voice typing, real-time alerts, and data integration to make our products incredibly easy to use.

Completely secure: With multi-level access control, and ISO 27001 security and Information Governance Standards compliant, we make sure only the right people can access the information they need.

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Explore our products:

Whether you’re a single provider or part of a large group, our suite of web-based home care management solutions can be configured to suit each individual organisation.