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Confidently prepare your school's budgets with leading school budgeting software - designed to help reduce the time and complexity of planning, modelling, and reporting. Used over 9,000 UK schools and academies.

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Online budgeting software designed exclusively for the education sector

Access Education Budgets helps you create accurate, balanced school budgets and forecasts for up to five years, quickly model the impact of changes and produce powerful reports for even more robust planning and management.

And, because all software is delivered through our cloud-based platform, Access Workspace, all your Access software works together for optimal efficiency, productivity, and more informed decisions.

Create accurate school budgets and forecasts

You can create an accurate budget and forecasts of up to five years using school-specific income and expenditure settings.

Teaching and support staff costs, and adjustments are calculated for you and take account of multiple contracts, scales, points/awards, FTE hours, pensions, increments and allowances such as maternity, paternity or sickness pay. Plus, you can quickly and easily model the financial impact of 'What if?' scenarios, such as changes in staff, pay, pupils, income or expenditure, saving you lots of time and complexity, and helping you make informed decisions for effective short-, medium- and long-term plans.

“We love the reporting functionality that Access Education’s budgeting and finance software gives us. It’s really useful for our governors as the reports are easy to understand.”

Hall Green School

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Monitor budgets, forecasts and variances in real-time

Access Education Budgets seamlessly integrates with Access Education Finance and other accountancy software. This means you can easily transfer data between your budgeting and accounting software to monitor real-time spending against your original and current budget.

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Manage staff costs and payroll reconciliation

Keep your staff costs up to date with nationally applied staffing costs and adjustments calculated for you. 

These automatically take into account multiple contracts, pay scales, pensions and allowances. And by importing your monthly payroll file you can automatically reconcile expected and actual monthly payments and see an up-to-date view of cost-versus-budget variances against critical fields such as total pay, pension payments and National Insurance, easily tracking budgeted spend against actual payments.

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Generate comprehensive reports and returns

An extensive reporting suite allows you to quickly generate customisable, easy-to-understand reports in a variety of formats, including income and expenditure, monthly staffing profile and pupil reports.

The DfE compliant Governor report combines your forecast budget information with actual income and expenditure commitments and presents data at the highest level or down to individual ledger codes. While the ESFA compliant reporting helps academies submit budget forecast returns.

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Education Budgeting

Success Story - St Thomas More Catholic school


St Thomas More Catholic School is one of HCSS Education’s oldest customers. The school has used HCSS Budgeting, the specialist education finance software, from its very early beginnings and has been instrumental in its development. Now, with the school anticipating a budget deficit in three years, bursar Charlotte Campbell says that the software is crucial in taking action now to prevent school finances from failing.


“If we didn’t have Access Education Budgeting, it would be a lot more complicated and time-consuming to model the changes”

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Supports multi-academy trusts

Special features help support the broader financial management requirements of multi-academy trusts: produce plans and reports at a trust or school level or select a specific group of schools for reports; set user permission controls for individual academies; scale the software as your academy trust grows and add unlimited users at no extra cost.

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Additional features of our school budgeting software

  • Compliant with education sector bodies - Manage your financial processes and reporting in line with DfE and ESFA standards. Compliant reporting formats help academies submit ESFA budget forecast returns.
  • Quick salary calculator - Calculate the full cost of employing a new member of staff, compare costs for different staff, and calculate the impact of pay adjustments. Perfect for recruitment, curriculum planning and reviewing staff contracts.
  • Seamless integration with other software - Share information and import/export data through seamless integration with our education accounting software, Access Education Finance and other accountancy software.
  • Automatic payroll calculations - Built-in functionality automatically takes account of the latest National Insurance rates and threshold values, inflation factors, and automatic in-year updates for all DfE, ESFA and National Insurance requirements
  • Integrated curriculum financial planning - Integration with Access Education Curriculum means you can accurately model different curriculum and staffing scenarios to be confident you’re making financially viable decisions in the short-, medium- and long-term.
  • Cloud-based flexibility - Access your system anytime, anywhere and on any device for full flexibility and easily accessible data.
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Access Education Suite

Our core Education Finance and Budgeting solutions continue to promote greater efficiencies in performing key financial management activities, giving you the flexibility to access raw data, with the opportunity to standardise and consolidate when and where you need it.