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Build a viable and sustainable curriculum that meets your pupils’ needs with curriculum planning software designed to help you understand your staff structure and curriculum.

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Online curriculum planning software for schools

Access Education Curriculum is a curriculum planning software and resource planning tool that makes strategic resource planning straightforward. The intuitive and easy-to-use tool helps you better understand the financial viability of your curriculum, make the most of opportunities, quickly assess the impact of changes, deploy staff more efficiently and maximise your resource.

And, because all our software is delivered through our cloud-based platform, Access Workspace, it can be accessed all in one place, anytime, anywhere, on any device – with no extra IT costs and single sign on.

Build a curriculum-based resource plan

Create a clear picture of staffing requirements for each subject by year group, based on number of periods, group size and support staff needed. Easily allocate teaching and support staff to each period to see staff load, including contact and non-contact time, and identify opportunities and shortfalls. Availability is automatically calculated for different FTE types and staff changes within the academic year. Budget figures and staffing costs/profiles can be added straight from Access Education Budgets, or manually, allowing you to quickly view the viability of your curriculum.

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Easily assess the impact of changes

Quickly and accurately model multiple scenarios, such as class size, subject, staff changes and pay scales, to see the impact on staff load and expenditure so you can be confident of making financially viable decisions around staffing and your curriculum. You can set it up to your school’s timetable and contact time preferences too.

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Quickly see a plan’s affordability

The at-a-glance visual dashboard allows you to compare your budget plan and curriculum plan, and see the affordability, as well as key indicators including pupil/teacher ratios, average class sizes, % spent on teachers and teacher FTEs, and financial projections over a five-year period.

And a range of ready-made-reports allow you to easily share the impact of your curriculum plan with stakeholders.

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Education Budgeting

Success Story - Catholic High School, Chester

Based close to the centre of Chester, The Catholic High School is a mixed comprehensive for 11-18 year-olds with one basic aim – to provide the best Catholic education for all.

Stephen Gauller, a time-pressed assistant head with a busy role balancing finance and operations, is using Access Education formerly HCSS software to save two to three working days each month.

The Catholic High School, Chester, adopted Access Education Curriculum resource planning software, Access Education Curriculum, and budgets software, Access Education Budgets, in 2014.

Stephen believes that it makes his huge workload manageable, while improving senior management decision making.

“Access Education Curriculum is great for reassuring the head teacher and governors as it takes a lot of the uncertainty out of decisions”

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Additional features of our school curriculum software

  • Teacher load analysis - Easily analyse teacher load and pupil numbers by subject to determine whether staff members are being deployed efficiently.
  • Automatic calculations - Populated data and automatic calculations minimise the need for manual data input, saving you time and reducing errors.
  • Curriculum-based budgeting - Integration with Access Education Budgets saves time inputting data and simplifies the process of financial planning and forecasting.
  • Enhanced collaboration - Access Education Curriculum is delivered through Access Workspace, giving you access to powerful collaboration and communication tools, boosting efficiency, productivity and engagement.
  • Cloud-based flexibility - Access your system anytime, anywhere and on any device for full flexibility and easily accessible data.
  • Expert support - Access Education product suite is backed by a wealth of help, advice and tailored support.
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Access Education Suite

Our core Education Finance and Budgeting solutions continue to promote greater efficiencies in performing key financial management activities, giving you the flexibility to access raw data, with the opportunity to standardise and consolidate when and where you need it.