Data Protection Including GDPR

This General Data Protection Regulation eLearning course highlights the key themes of the GDPR to help organisations understand the new legal framework in the EU, and to show all persons what must be done to preserve the security and confidentiality of personal data and to ensure compliance with Data Protection laws.

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Data Protection including GDPR eLearning

Sector-specific content

In addition to our general eLearning course, we offer courses to suit your industry and specialism:


This course is ideal for anyone who works in any type of organisation that handles data. 

Financial Services

Intended for all employees working in the financial services sector who handle or process customer data.

Law Firms

Intended for all employees working in law firms who handle or process customer data.

Health and Social Care

The course uses a range of case studies that will bring realisation to the subject, demonstrating how easy it is to step outside the boundaries of confidentiality.

Estate Agents

Intended for all employees working in estate agencies who handle or process customer data.

"The Data Protection course was informative and engaging. I really enjoyed the subject matter which I wasn't expecting!" - Kirstie Caines

"A really interesting course. The information included was engaging, easy to understand and has broadened my knowledge of the topic." - Rita Busungu, Sunrise Senior Living

Training objectives

Course content

Course style

Training objectives

  • Recognise the importance of protecting data security
  • Define the key concepts and terminology of the GDPR
  • Describe the consequences of not securing data
  • Identify which information the GDPR applies to
  • Identify the principles of Data Protection
  • Explain the rights of Data Subjects under the Act
  • Understand the responsibilities of Data Controllers
  • Outline the consequences of non-compliance
  • Implement GDPR compliant processes
  • Apply the principles of data protection laws, which are administered by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

Course content

  • GDPR compilation module
  • An Introduction to GDPR
  • Lawful Basis for Processing
  • Individual Rights
  • Accountability & Governance
  • Data Protection Act 2018
  • Freedom of Information UK
  • Freedom of Information Scotland
  • Information Security 

Course style

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