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How much does pre-employment screening cost?

Pre-employment screening is a vital step in the hiring process, and is worth investing in. In this piece, we look at how much you can expect to pay for a pre-employment screening technology solution through the background checks it can deliver.

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Written by Chris Phillips

The cost of a pre-employment screening technology solution depends on the specific needs and requirements of the business. Factors such as how comprehensive the background check is, how many checks are required, and how quickly they need to be completed all affect how much a pre-employment screening technology solution will cost.

Businesses should however understand that the cost of pre-employment screening is not just about how much it costs upfront, but how much it saves in the long run by preventing bad hires and potential legal issues.

Investing in a pre-employment screening solution can help ensure businesses make informed decisions when selecting new staff, while reducing the risks of ignoring background checks and hiring unqualified employees. Ultimately, how much a pre-employment screening technology solution costs:

  • Depends on how comprehensive it needs to be 
  • How quickly businesses need their results  
  • The volume of checks it will run.  

Nevertheless, businesses should remember that investing in a pre-employment screening technology solution saves money in the long run.  

An introduction to pre-employment background checks

Pre-employment screening software can greatly benefit businesses looking to streamline their screening processes. Not only is screening software cost-effective, it is also highly efficient and allows companies to quickly collect information on job applicants from a variety of sources with minimal effort.

Companies can ensure they are always kept up to date with the latest industry standards and regulations surrounding pre-employment screening with reliable screening software solutions that automate the entire process. Additionally, businesses will have access to valuable insights about potential candidates during their screening process, saving you time and money for your company in the long run.  
The validity of pre-employment screening has long been a pain point for businesses, but that stress has now been removed. 
Do you know what you need? Save time and money by using Access Screening for your pre-employment screening needs. With our comprehensive services, checks, competitive pricing, you’ll enjoy peace of mind that you are compliant and helping speed up your hiring process. Book your demo today.

What are the options for a business looking for a pre-employment screening software solution? 

At this point, it’s important to understand what the options are for your business.  
With employers wanting to ensure they're making the best candidate hiring decisions, pre-employment screening software is a must-have in today's candidate screening process. Pre employment screening checks can include thorough background evaluations, checking candidate references, validating educational and professional credentials, verifying identity documents, and more. Such a comprehensive process that covers multiple candidate aspects can help you make sound decisions and create a better performing team for the organisation. With these options available now at your fingertips, relying on pre-employment screening software can provide added efficiency to your candidate selection process with reliable results.  
What’s more it can also speed up the hiring process and with most processes being digital, you can rely on cutting-edge tech to ensure you remove human-error ensuring compliance and robust processes are followed. Errors of the past can be quickly eradicated.  
Before we get to cost, let’s look at some of the vendors available to you to consider so you can make a reasoned choice: 

Access Recruitment Screening
ID Gateway 

Considerations for you when contacting each of the vendors is: 

  • What is the roadmap of how the service will develop. Do you receive a product dashboard so you can easily see the vetted candidates? 
  • Does the vendor ensure full compliance? 
  • How will the screening software integrate. Is there an API to connect with your CRM? 
  • With a wide variety of screening options available for different checks relevant to the roles you are recruiting for, is the vendor price competitive? 

Ready to go? Eliminate the guesswork and ensure compliant, affordable pre-employment screening with Access Screening. Get started today to streamline your hiring process and delight your clients and candidates.  

how much does pre-employment screening cost

How much does a background check cost?

Pre-employment screening software is an invaluable tool for any organisation looking to enhance their screening processes, allowing you to quickly and accurately check the information of potential hires. By streamlining screening processes with screening software, a business can ensure they bring on high-quality personnel swiftly and efficiently, making pre-employment screening software a key part of any successful recruitment strategy.  
Access Screening’s software has the capability to assess over 140 checks and typically, the cost of the software will be consumed based on the volume of the checks that you want.

Costs will be different for each supplier. So let’s take a few examples of regularly requested checks at The Access Group. The cost of the software will be absorbed into the cost of the check.  

DBS Checks  All cost between £25-35 depending on the volume of DBS check your request. 
DBS Enhanced Checks   All cost between £45-65 depending on the volume of DBS check your request.
IDVT Checks  All cost between 90p - £5.50 per check depending on the volume of check your request.  
Credit Checks  All cost between £6-10per check depending on the volume of check your request.  
Adverse / Social Media  Checks  All cost between £10-100 per check depending on the volume of check your request.
Occupational Health Checks  All cost between £15-30 per check depending on the volume of check your request. 

What are the drawbacks if I do not use pre-employment screening software?

When it comes to candidate screening, forgoing pre-employment screening software can have serious repercussions. Without this technology, businesses may miss out on important information about potential new hires and diminish the effectiveness of their candidate screening process.

Pre-employment screening checks provide vital insight into candidate backgrounds and histories, aiding in assessing candidate suitability. Furthermore, pre-employment screening software helps reduce bias by providing an objective assessment of each candidate's qualifications and technical aptitude. Utilizing this kind of software can ultimately save you, your clients time and money while avoiding unexpected issues which may crop up in future. 

Next steps

Pre-employment screening is an important element of the hiring process that can provide valuable information about a potential employee. It is essential to consider the cost of pre-employment screening when making a decision on whether or not it fits within your budget.  
What is clear is that a pre-employment screening solution is suitable no matter what the size of a business, not just the huge brand names. To be compliant and risk-free, this is a solution that is at home in every agency. Depending on the number of checks you book, this will impact the cost you pay.  


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