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Access Screening helps you build a complete picture of candidates using a wide range of background, vetting and employment checks.

Screening Ebook

A Guide to Evidencing the ROI from Screening Software

If you're thinking of making the switch from a manual or partially automated process to reap the benefits of an integrated screening solution, then you will likely need a documented business case to sell the advantages of screening software to your internal stakeholders.

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5 Steps To Digitising Your Candidate Compliance Strategy Ebook 596 × 265Px

5 Steps to Digitising your Candidate Compliance Strategy

Taking the right steps is essential to securing a successful digital compliance strategy. Pre-employment screening can be simple and easy, and by following this guide, you can evolve your onboarding process & deliver a reliable compliance strategy through automation.

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Enhancing Morgan Mckinley's Onboarding Journey Webinar 596 × 265Px

Enhancing Morgan McKinley's onboarding journey

Join our Screening Specialist, James Waby, where he will be speaking with Morgan McKinley's Jennifer Byron, on how Access Screening helped automate their screening strategy. If you are considering digitising your processes, then you do not want to miss this webinar!

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Home Office Shifts To Permanent IDVT Digital Rtw Checks 596 × 265Px

Home Office shifts to permanent IDVT Digital RtW Checks

Our IDVT factsheet covers everything you need to know about the Home Office’s IDVT legislation; including what is IDVT, why has IDVT been put in place by the Home Office, what are the current challenges surrounding IDVT, and how Access Recruitment can help you – download now.

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Case Study Morgan Mckinley 596 × 265Px

Case Study - Morgan McKinley

Discover how Morgan McKinley were able to achieve all their main candidate screening objectives with Access Screening. “We were able to screen 44% more candidates in 2021 vs 2019 with the same number of internal compliance staff.” Business Manager, Morgan McKinley

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Need For Speed Unlocking Successful Candidate Onboarding 596 × 265Px

Need for Speed: Unlocking successful candidate onboarding

Access Screening’s 2022 research whitepaper considers the challenges in complying with legislative asks and the impact this is having on their hiring outcomes, including the state of candidate screening, the potential implications of identified changes and much more.

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Key Steps To Digitising Your Compliance & Strategy After IDVT 596 × 265Px

Key steps to Digitising your Compliance & Strategy after IDVT

Watch our session where our Screening Specialist, James Waby, outlined how you can adapt to ever changing legislation using vetting technology, including advice on how to improve your digital compliance strategy, what you can do to reduce your time to hire, and much more.

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Unlock Faster Onboarding & A Better Candidate Experience 596 × 265Px

Unlock faster onboarding & a better candidate experience

Watch our Screening Specialist, Suzy Parker, discuss the recent research conducted in conjunction with In-House Recruitment, how Access Screening are helping businesses take advantage of the available opportunities when it comes to onboarding and much more.

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Need For Speed Unlocking Successful Candidate Onboarding 596 × 265Px

The Need for Speed: Unlocking successful digital candidate onboarding

Watch our session where our Screening Specialist, Nick Holland, discussed the recent research which identified the current challenges presented within onboarding and screening candidates, how huge changes have impacted screening in the past couple of years and much more.

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Save Time And Money By Automating Your Candidate Screening 596 × 265Px

Save time and money by automating your candidate screening

Check out our webinar preview of Access Screening with our Screening Specialist, James Waby, and discover how an automated background screening process can help to create a screening policy, quickly perform more than 140 checks, improve your time to hire and much more.

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Premier Care Improved Their Candidate Turnaround By 2 Weeks 596 × 265Px

Premier Care improved their Candidate Turnaround by 2 Weeks

Watch our webinar where our Screening Specialist, Suzy Parker, dove into how Access Screening boosted Premier Care's recruitment process; through reducing their time to hire by a staggering two weeks, helping them to secure talent much quicker and more efficiently.

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Access Screening’S Webinar Hub 596 × 265Px

Access Screening’s Webinar Hub

Take a look at some of our upcoming webinars or watch our recent sessions on-demand, showcasing the great features and benefits of our Access Screening solution - helping businesses deal with important topics, compliance, speed to hire and onboarding efficiencies.

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Screening Whitepaper Newsletter

All Change: The Evolving World of Candidate Screening

The Access Group's 2021 whitepaper research on the effects of changing compliance and workforce regulations within pre-employment candidate screening, as a cause of the COVID-19 pandemic, Brexit, IR35 and remote working, is now available to read.

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Integrated MRZ Checking Facility V3

Access Screening’s integrated MRZ check facility

Access Screening has an integrated MRZ checking facility, alongside referencing, DBS, Occupational health and other medical data checks. Screening offers a full array of checks for medical and healthcare supplier frameworks including GMC, NMC, GPHC, SWE and HCPC.

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Splashfor REC Docs Tacklingscreening Webresourcethumbnailv2

Tackling Screening: The ultimate guide for efficiency

The ultimate guide for effective and efficient pre-employment screening, including Right to Work requirements, how to handle sensitive screening questions legally & fairly, processing candidates with criminal records & best practice for screening millennials.

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Features Profileimage Hub HR&PAYROLL Checklist

The Candidate Screening Checklist

Get the scoop on best practice for background screening - download your free candidate screening checklist and learn why automated screening is now essential, what the three top questions to ask candidates are and If your screening policies & processes are best practice.

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Features Profileimage Hub HR&PAYROLL Pre Employement

The Pre-Employment Screening Survival Guide

Put in place the correct policies and processes to protect you and your organisation - download your free guide to learn how to protect your brand and reputation, stay compliant and avoid costly fines, and improve your screening processes through our five-step checklist.

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Splashfor REC Casestudy Premier Care Webresourcethumbnail 1200X680

Case Study - Premier Care

See how Premier Care improved candidate turnaround by two weeks with the implementation of Access Screening. "In the healthcare sector, it’s all about compliance and speed. Doing the two together is the art of Access Screening." Managing Director, Premier Care

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1200X680 Resourcethumbnail REC WEB Rullion Case Study

Case study - Rullion

How Access helped Rullion to reduce the time taken for screening by 53%. “For us, Access Screening really stood out. It came down to things like SaaS, configurability, the range of checks, usability - we really liked the overall candidate experience.” Business Change Director, Rullion

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Features Profileimage Hub Hrpayroll Hydrocasestudy Resized

Case Study - Hydrogen Group

Discover how Hydrogen Group saved time and  money with reduced candidate turnaround times and faster onboarding with Access Screening. "A new system that has transformed the quality and efficiency of our screening processes." Project Manager, Hydrogen Group

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Features Profileimage Hub HR&PAYROLL Screeningfactsheet

Access Screening’s software product overview

Uncover all you need to know around our Access Screening software and how implementing an automated background checking solution can help businesses reduce their time to hire, and remain compliant with the latest legislations. Download our product factsheet today.

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Splashfor REC Screeninganddbs Webresourcethumbnail

Don’t want to be out of pocket for DBS checks?

Remove the cost and hassle of your DBS employer checks ensuring your candidates are who they say they are; especially if you’re recruiting for roles working with children, in the care industry or positions which carry a high degree of responsibility.

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Splashfor REC Read Faqs Occupational Health Webresourcethumbnail 1200X680

How Access Screening can help with Occupational Health Checks

Do you feel confident that your NHS and care workers are fully compliant and suitable for their roles? Access Screening covers all the key background checks for health and social care workers including Occupational Health checks – read our factsheet for more information.

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1200X680 Resourcethumbnail REC Factsheet Right To Work

Instant Right to Work results

Every hiring manager must ensure their candidates are allowed to work in the UK, otherwise it could result in fines up to £20,000 per worker & reputational damage. Download our factsheet to discover how Access Right to Work app can confirm eligibility in less than five steps.

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Features Profileimage Hub HR&PAYROLL Backgroundchecksnewhires

Access Screening’s background checking software

Reduce your time to recruit candidates and improve your candidate experience with our respected screening software, offering comprehensive background checking and compliance solutions – learn more by watching Access Screening’s software video today.

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1200X680 Resourcethumbnail REC Web RTW Explainer Video

Access Screening’s Right to Work mobile app

To avoid serious consequences, every business, recruitment & hiring manager needs to ensure their job applicants are legally allowed to work in the UK before their employment starts. With our mobile app, Right to Work has never been simpler – watch our video to find out more.

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200X680 Resourcethumbnail Rec Rtw Webinar (1)

Quickly and safely get instant Right to Work results

Watch our short webinar to see how Access Right to Work can benefit your business and help save precious time and costs, as well as help to improve your overall candidate experience and remain compliant with ever-changing Home Office regulations.

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Template Blogbanner Rec Screening Thumbnail2

What recruitment agencies should be screening

To avoid all the associated issues that could come with a manual process or a slack screening process, it is important to understand what you should be screening candidates for and we’ve created a checklist of the most important screening checks you will need to make.

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Copy Of 1200X680 Resourcethumbnail Divisionname Type Projectname (9)

Case study: Outlook Care

Outlook Care reduced candidate turnaround from an average 10 weeks to just 5 weeks. “It’s made it so much more efficient and because all of us on the HR team have got access to the system, the continuity and the consistency is much better.” HR & Resourcing Partner, Outlook Care

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1200X680 Resourcethumbnail REC WEB RTW Explainer

Instant Right To Work Results

Discover how to confirm a candidate's Right to Work status and comply with Home Office regulations in less than five steps with the Access Right to Work mobile app – watch our video which highlights the quick and simple steps to receiving the candidate’s Right to Work status.

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Screening Video 1200X680 Resourcethumbnail REC

Access Screening automated background screening

Save over 50% on the time spent when vetting candidates with Access Screening, one of the UK’s respected screening software solutions. Businesses are turning to an automated SaaS solution, saving precious time, money and resources – can your business afford to be left behind?

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