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Fast, automated background candidate screening

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PLEASE NOTE: If you're waiting for results from a DBS or other background check you will need to get in touch with the company that you supplied your information to.  Access Screening offers a software solution to help businesses with their screening process.

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What our customers say

In the healthcare sector, it’s all about compliance and speed. Doing the two together is the art of Access Screening.

Dan Isterling, Managing Director, Premier Care

What our customers say

For us, Access Screening really stood out. It came down to things like SaaS, configurability, the range of checks, usability - we really liked the overall candidate experience.

Rachael Baker, Business Change Director, Rullion

What our customers say

It’s revolutionised the way we do screening. It’s made it so much more efficient and because all of us on the HR team have got access to the system, the continuity and the consistency is much better.

Emma Kornblum, HR & Resourcing Partner, Outlook Care