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Trusted by Councils across the UK, our market-leading care management software supports services delivered by your in-house team – whether that’s reablement, extra care or ongoing support – and for commissioning care delivered by third-party Providers.

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Discover our care management solutions including electronic call monitoring, data capture and analytics for integrated community health and social care.

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Market insight and Care analytics software

The Access PAMMS suite of solutions are proven to increase market intelligence/understanding, care quality and service sustainability in today’s fragile market. Over 50 Councils and CCGs already rely on PAMMS for evidence to help improve

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Care monitoring

Care monitoring is vital to ensure that service users are receiving the right care to meet their needs.

By enabling you to view service performance in real-time, you can deliver quality care and improve efficiencies, as well as provide safety to your service users and care workers.

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Scheduling and rostering

Care scheduling that allows Care Coordinators to quickly and easily roster staff while making best use of your capacity and ensuring any salaried Care Workers are fully utilised.

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Outcomes-based care

Our inovative Outcomes Assessment Platform allows Councils to deliver a powerful combination of time/attendance data and progress towards outcomes.

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Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence software, CMBI, allows you to capitalise on the value of your social care delivery data. CMBI empowers you with actionable intelligence to facilitate service improvements and manage by exception.

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Financial Management

Speed up payments and manage by exception: With most state-funded home care delivered by third-party Providers, Councils need a quick and efficient way of managing the numerous invoices this generates.

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Digital care management

An end-to-end solution to digitise care records and capture all interactions, forms, medication, feedback and issues bringing a wide range of efficiency and safeguarding benefits, whether you’re in the office or out in the community.

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