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What is legal case management software?

Legal case management software can revolutionise ways of working and cut out admin, but many law firms would rather stick with the known territory of an existing manual process despite its inefficiencies. In some cases, the idea of implementing a new case management system may be seen as too hard, painful or expensive.

We dispel those myths and get to the bottom of two big questions: 'what is case management software?' and 'why does your law firm need it?' Read on to learn more and embrace the challenge of switching to a better case management system.

What is legal case management system?

Case handling software is a digital tool that law firms use to manage their legal cases and clients and keep those cases organised. It allows for a more streamlined workflow and efficient billing, time tracking and document management processes enabling fee earners to focus on billable work.

Designed to help a law firm manage and organise every aspect of every case in its caseload, a decent case management software will offer a wide variety of fully integrated modules for all areas of law – including conveyancing, family work, and criminal defence, personal injury and many more.

What does legal case management software do?

Imagine if there was a more efficient, productive and profitable way to run your firm and provide your fee earners with everything they need at their fingertips!

This is where legal case management software comes in and simply put, it’s a digital tool that enables law firms to manage and organise all their cases and clients. In addition, a good case management software will offer a wide variety of integrations and allow for a more streamlined workflow and a level of automation, allowing fee earners to focus on chargeable work. No matter the size of your firm, if you’re looking to better utilize your current resource, grow, increase revenue or work more hybrid, case management software you with the tools.

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How can case management software help your law firm?

When it comes to winning and retaining clients, it’s important to look at how to set your firm apart and deliver something your competitors can’t. Having a case management system that is going to enable your teams to be more efficient and more productive, and will help you to communicate in real-time with your clients, is going to position your firm as a true partner. With legal case management software, you can provide an end-to-end enhanced experience.

The key benefits of a case management system come from having a centralised source of truth that can be accessed securely from any device anywhere at any time. This will help your team to stay on top of matters and cases effectively. Case management software will also include automated workflows to reduce the burden of admin so you can empower your team to drive efficiencies and be more proactive with clients.

Data and information are power and gaining access to this quickly and easily allows your fee earners to get on with their jobs effectively and be confident that what they see is up to date and accurate. On the flip side, you can keep clients informed and able to access documents via a secure client portal.

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What should you look for in a legal case management system?

When looking for a new case management system for your law firm, it’s important to consider your needs and what tools and capabilities your business requires to be successful in the long term. Your decision to search for a new case management software can be based on a wide variety of reasons, but the common thread is striving to make your firm better.

While case management features are important and should be at the top of your list, there are other factors to consider in order to make the right decision for your law firm. Here are five of the most important:

  • Futureproof – It’s important to consider where you are now and where you aim to be in the longer term, your case management system needs to grow and develop with you.
  • Cloud vs Server based – Historically law firms have tended to work on ‘on-prem’/server-based software solutions. However, with the changes in today’s ‘hybrid’ working many are moving to cloud hosting services as they offer many benefits, including improved cyber security for law firms.
  • Integrations – You shouldn’t have to compromise on the apps and services you already use in your firm, and the right legal case management system can work seamlessly with other popular programmes, such as practice management tools and legal accounts.
  • Customisable with admin control – ‘Off the shelf’ or ‘Turnkey’ solutions are tempting and viable options, but not every firm is the same. Your case management should have the ability to mould to your firm and how you work. Also once implemented how easy is it to add new users, do you have control over this aspect.
  • Security - It’s of paramount importance to ensure your firm and client information is confidential and secure. You’ll need to find out if your software has measures in place for protecting and encrypting data. Find out where the is data stored and if there are secure backups included. It's also important to ensure the provider is ISO accredited and audited.

Discover our award-winning case management software

If you’re looking to improve your efficiency, productivity and profitability, our award-winning* case management system provides all of this and much more.

Our agile, secure and future-proof case management system can be a cloud-based or an on-premises solution, and users have the freedom to work securely from anywhere on any device. A true end-to-end system that manages the case management lifecycle to empower your team with the tools to let them get on with what they do best and drive better case outcomes.

With a considerable market share of 40,000+ users at more than 3800 law firms across the UK, Access Legal has helped many businesses within the legal profession over the past 25 years.

Access(UK) Ltd is an approved partner of The Law Society offering case and practice management software to Solicitors.

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*Access Legal was awarded the LegalEx Practice Efficiency Award in 2021 for being one of the leading providers of business management software to UK, Ireland, and Asia Pacific mid-market organisations. This award recognises the supplier that offers the best product or service to streamline workflows in a law firm, allowing them to improve efficiencies for their clients. Read press release.

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