MacDonald Oates Solicitors focus on providing great customer service while leaving their IT to Access Legal

MacDonald Oates Solicitors have selected Access Legal, our managed IT solution to harness the potential of cutting-edge IT and enable business growth.

Understanding the importance of technology in offering an outstanding customer service, the company started looking for a solution that offered the efficiency increases required while providing a flexible and reliable platform for service delivery.

The Software

As part of this search MacDonald Oates first engaged with Access Legal to find out more about the case management system. Having been impressed with initial demonstrations of this software, it quickly became apparent that the benefits of the system were built upon by the closely-integrated nature of Access Legal Financial Director, our legal accounting software.

All of Access Legal’s software offerings can be provided as part of a hosted solution so naturally the idea of hosted IT was a topic for discussion as MacDonald Oates’ selection process moved on.

The operational benefits of hosted IT added to the business improvements that our software could offer as the company is relieved from all technology-related responsibilities.

The scalable per user, per month payment model turned Access Legal' case management into a very attractive solution for them. MacDonald Oates was now presented with a comprehensive and managed solution that allowed them to grow without compromising on the quality of the service provided.

Nick Ellin, Head of Operations at MacDonald Oates who drove the project through selection and implementation, explains why they selected Access Legal:

"The lengthy experience of Access Legal in the sector made them the obvious partner for us.

By providing us with a fully-managed hosting solution including their market-leading legal software, they enabled us to focus on what we do best– providing our clients with the best possible service- while relieving us from the task of managing the different systems we use. 

The aim of this project was to establish the IT platform we required to take the firm forward in the coming years and we believe in Access Legal we have found this."


Osman Ismail added: ’’MacDonald Oates have the right people, processes and now the right software for ensuring on-going business success.

The use of our managed IT solution and case management software enables them to put the client at the centre of everything they do by eliminating the complexities associated with managing an in-house IT department while creating a reliable office management system that connects the right data to the right people."


Outsourcing their IT made business sense for MacDonald Oates as the company has been given access to enterprise-level technology at a fraction of the usual cost.