Guardian Recovery doubles gross collection rate within 6 months

National Debt Recovery Company becomes first UK firm to offer Guaranteed Level of Service since implementing Access Legal's Case Management Software.

  • Gross collections rate doubled within 6 months.
  • Client portal technology allows client to track case progress, cutting down number of update emails and calls needed and freeing up time.
  • Flexibility and customisation allows handlers to manage cases in just a few clicks.
  • Extremely user-friendly, flexible and has the potential for volume case management which stood head and shoulders above other vendors.

Guardian Recovery delivers successful debt collection to clients seeking peak performance in a challenging and competitive industry by providing innovative, tailored and standard credit management solutions.

The firm prides itself on its ability to provide superior and cost effective services, through diverse and results orientated debt recovery solutions, ensuring client objectives are the main focus.

Ian Simpson, Finance Manager at Guardian Recovery, explains the decision to implement Access Legal's Case Management Software.

How was the initial system selection made and why?

Having conducted a large amount of research within the market, we recognised that Access Legal's Case Management Software system was the only solution on the market that could fit our business needs. The client/debtor relationship within Access Legal together with the fantastic scope for customisation and automation made the software our first choice.

On sight, it was clear that Access Legal was extremely user-friendly, displayed flexibility and had the potential for volume case management which stood head and shoulders above other vendors.

Furthermore, we needed a system that could manage a vast volume of caseloads as we are currently managing 6,000 live individual debt cases totalling over £16,000,000 for approximately 3,500 clients.

What day-to-day benefits do you see from Access Legal?

Lots! Access Legal has become an integral part of our business and has enabled us to manage the entire debt recovery process in a much more streamlined and efficient way.

Firstly, all information is now centralised within Access Legal's case management software and the history notes mean that all our case handlers can access any case. This improves our client service as if a particular case handler is unavailable, another member of our team can access information and provide updates.

Through the ability of Access Legal’s integration with online portal technology, we have been able to build a client portal from our website which allows our clients to track their case progress and records of work completed by us in real time. This has significantly cut down on the number of ‘update’ calls and emails we receive, freeing up more time for our team to focus on their clients.

In addition, Access Legal’s workflow ensures all our regular processes are dealt with consistently and are in keeping with our standards. The step-by-step guides incorporate document production, automatic diarising of future actions and follow-up tasks ensuring our staff never miss a deadline.

How has Access Legal enhanced your position in the debt recovery sector?

Since implementing Access Legal, our position has been significantly enhanced. The software has enabled us to become the only UK debt recovery company that offers a Guaranteed Level of Service – something that sets us apart in terms of security in a very unstable industry. This service level guarantee would not be possible without Access Legal.

Additionally, elements within Access Legal such as automatic creation of diary entries are invaluable to our business. It means we can easily make sure cases are on track, quality is maintained and tasks aren’t overlooked.

To what degree have you tailored Access Legal in line with your particular needs?

The great thing about Access Legal is its inherent flexibility. We have already extensively tailored the system to meet our business needs and we aren’t finished yet!

The system’s technical structure is exceptional so we don’t need to worry about maintaining that aspect. The framework of the system and its ease of customisation allow our case handlers to manage their cases through a few simple clicks. Our cases are now managed in a consistent manner and the appropriate tasks are set and diarised for the correct members of staff meaning they don’t miss an action – for example, when dealing with dispute resolutions or absconded debtors.

Allowing us to tailor our system means our case handlers are now able to work a considerably higher number of cases than they would otherwise and our gross collections rate has doubled within 6 months of going live.

Do you have any future plans for your use of Access Legal?

Definitely! The next major upgrade we are planning will see automatic integration from our sales CRM system for new clients and an automatic debtor upload from the customer portal of our website.

Access Legal will also allow us to develop new ‘partner’ services over the next 12 months, which we will then be able to offer to our clients.
In addition, the flexibility and adaptability of the system means we are able to constantly look for ways to improve our services.

Overall, Access Legal gives us a solid platform for development and growth and we are extremely happy utilising the system as it is a truly effective business tool that effortlessly meets our needs.