Boutique property firm work remotely with the Cloud

Ryan Sparrow

Marketing Programmes Manager

Merali Beedle are a property boutique law firm based in the heart of London.

They pride themselves on their commitment to provide a high quality, personalised service characterised by spending time with their clients and understanding their needs.

After breaking off from an existing law firm, Adam Merali, one of the founding partners of Merali Beedle, chose our holistic IT solution to provide their staff with a powerful conveyancing case management software along with an integrated legal accounting system, hardware support and technical assistance all in the cloud.

"The main benefit of the integrated, cloud-based system provided by Access Legal is the possibility to reinvent the way we work."

Adam explains "The main benefit of the integrated, cloud-based system provided by Access Legal is the possibility to reinvent the way we work.

The system enabled us to promote flexible working among our staff right from the get-go, and allow them to securely access their files from anywhere in the world, using their own PCs.

This enables the firm to respond to client queries outside of normal working hours."

Being in the cloud allows Merali Beedle to take their files with them wherever they go, while Adam Merali can use it to monitor everyone’s workload at any given time in the day regardless of his location.

As all their files are stored within the cloud, their office becomes increasingly paper light allowing Merali Beedle to incorporate more staff while becoming more efficient. By reducing the need for storage space, and filing cabinets, Merali Beedle are also reducing their overhead costs.

"Right from the start, we knew that we wanted to set up a paperless officeThe practice management software allows us to store all our files safely, in the cloud and not worry about paper documents being misplaced or handled incorrectly."

Data security is a major consideration for the firm. Access Legal’s ISO accredited data centre provides them with a secure, IT infrastructure that would be very costly to replicate in-house.