Birds Solicitors work remotely in the Cloud

Ryan Sparrow

Marketing Programmes Manager

First established in October 2000 by Steven Bird and Richard Locke, Birds solicitors have been using our crime case management software from the very beginning. They have since enjoyed a successful and long term relationship with us during which Birds has flourished into a successful criminal law firm.

The Software

As a hosted client Birds Solicitors benefit from access to the latest and most powerful suite of case management software on the market. With updates to their Crime system automatically applied as part of the service, they enjoy:

  • Automatic case costing and tracking with all records carried forward to produce CDS6, CDS7 and Crown Court bills or private bills where the case is not CDS listed.
  • Full integration and automatic completion of all CDS forms at the touch of a button. This includes the CDS6 form which can then be uploaded directly to the LSC website, saving hours of manual input.
  • Microsoft Outlook integration which provides a familiar working environment for a user. This is flexible and fully amendable with a library of precedents provided.
  • Email and case file integration allowing instant communication with contacts on the file.

Working from Remote Devices

An important factor for Director and Founder at Birds, Steven Bird is the ability to give staff the flexibility to work remotely.

“At Birds we have 10 consultants who do not work from the office and rely on Access Legal as their case management system.

The Cloud solution allows access from home, court or from a conference with the counsel. This is a major advantage as anyone can access the system wherever they are and it is identical to working in the office.

Also we are released from the task of backing-up data and managing our disaster recovery and business continuity mechanisms- being hosted means our data is safe and secure in the event of a disaster.”

Hosted clients such as Birds can access their hosted desktop from their iPad or equivalent tablet device. Our managed IT solution enables 24/7 access to data and systems, saving time and money investing in the required hardware and software to work out of the office.

"Overall moving to the Cloud gives us great freedom to be able to work remotely whether we are working at home or need access from court or someone else’s office. Our entire caseload is with us at any time as long as we have an internet connection. It is quick, just like working on a desktop, and allows multiple persons access to material at the same time." said Steven Bird, Director and Founder at Birds.


Birds are taking full advantage of our one-stop-shop approach to a hosted IT solution with their MS Exchange and Office systems also in the cloud. Having an outsourced IT provider has relieved Birds Solicitors from the stress and time it takes to run an IT department in-house.