Award-winning Conveyancing specialist, AVRillo Solicitors, thanks Access Legal case management software for enhanced client service

Award-winning Conveyancing specialist thanks Access Legal case management software for enhanced client service.

Based in Enfield, AVRillo is a family-run practice specialising in Conveyancing. The firm, established in 1989, is still setting the standards within the legal sector with its multi award-winning services. In addition to being an Investors in Business winner and a Sunday Times Award winner, AVRillo’s reputation for quality and expertise has been rewarded by the Law Society, which has granted the company the prestigious ‘Quality Conveyancing’ accreditation, as well as the ‘Legal Excellence’ award.

Angelo Piccirillo (pictured), Partner and Co-founder of AVRillo, explains his choice of Practice Management Software.

Why did you choose Access Legal as your Practice Management System?

We’ve been clients of Access Legal for many years – almost for as long as the business has been around! Initially, we chose the system because of the approachability of the staff, their desire to listen to our needs and the excellent follow through from support. Over the years the firm has not lost the personal touch. The senior management team has not lost contact with us and is available to discuss any opportunities as to how we can improve our use of the system.

What day-to-day benefits do you see from the Access Legal practice management system?

The ability to amend the system and tailor it is amazing. Access gives us the control we want over our processes and working practices – for example, with help from Access Legal, we have been able to meet CML panel requirements as we have implemented the requests into the system. On top of this, the inbuilt toolsets mean we can easily organise or create changes to workflows as client or business needs demand. We can continuously develop the system and without the need of an IT specialist – thanks to Access Legal’s detailed training, my partner and I have learnt the necessary skills. We are now extremely confident in amending the day-to-day workflows to incorporate the inevitable changes in the conveyancing process.

Access Legal has also enabled us to reach the ISO International Management standards and we have now officially been awarded Investors in Business. Both of these have been achieved because we have been able to structure the necessary requirements within the system. All our staff follow these requirements – often without even knowing – because the software complies with the standards so easily.

Additionally, the integration with the Land Registry’s Business Gateway (LBRG) enables us to seamlessly interact from our Access Legal desktop, and utilising Web Services, the software provides 2-way integration for both data and documentation. Reducing costs from property transactions is vital – clients expect an effortless and transparent service and thanks to this integration, we have access to a solution that provides the ultimate in operational effectiveness, and the capability to further enhance our client service.

How has the client portal enhanced your client service?

Firstly, it allows our clients to follow their case 24/7 – the data that we publish via the client portal is live so our clients have the ability to view up-to-the-minute case progress and the freedom to visit their case out of hours.

Secondly, it enables us to securely display case information on our website for our clients, and we are in control of how much information is accessible – whether it’s full case histories or simple key milestones.

Essentially, it’s a great way to keep our clients informed. Case data of our choice is displayed, and is accessible via a secure password system. Our clients can send messages to us via the interface, and we can choose to make certain fields available for editing (for example, names and addresses). Additionally, the document viewer enables our clients to seamlessly view Word, PDF and Excel files in their native format.

Why did you choose to implement the Access Legal Client Portal and what are the benefits?

Legal services provision is constantly changing – clients and customers are demanding more information, at a quicker rate – and we required a mobile application that puts clients at the centre of our service, but with the flexibility to suit the ever-changing conveyancing sector. After a lot of market research, we discovered the Access Legal Client Portal App was a better option for our firm and our clients.

The system will provide a completely personal ‘self-service’ experience. With a manageable interface and personalised interactive tiles, it will allow us to deliver bespoke live data and information to clients, via any smart device and any web browser. Essentially, the client portal will enable our clients to be involved, in touch and in control of their case – allowing us to stand apart from competitors.

The portal will also offer complete transparency. Clients will have the ability to check on their case and the documentation at any point and from anywhere using the mobile app. The flexibility and transparency will give clients the full conveyancing picture, and a greater understanding of the entire process, using plain-English explanations and useful FAQs.

Overall, the Access Legal client portal will enable us to build closer relationships with our clients.

How well does the system suit your on-going and future needs?

Very well! One of the key benefits of the Access Legal practice management system is its ability to evolve. We’ve been clients for a number of years and the system has grown and developed with us as our requirements have changed.

In addition, the reporting feature gives us the ability to enhance our business and client experience by creating reports that are specific to our requirements. We can monitor on-going KPIs and ensure that we are always aligned with maximising our profitability.

Overall, Access Legal practice management has allowed us to structure our commitment to client service across the entire firm.