The more efficiently you work, the better you can care

The difference software can make for nursing homes is phenomenal, by providing your care team with a mobile app you can make a difficult job a bit easier and greatly reduce everyone's paperwork.

Nursing home care solutions include:

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<h3 style ="font-weight: 600; color:#54b9b3!important;">The more efficiently you work, the better you can care</h3>
<div id="meds"></div><h3 style ="font-weight: 600; color:#54b9b3!important;">Medication Management and eMar</h3>

Medication Management and eMar

Make sure the prescribed medicines are given to the right resident at the correct time - minimise medication errors

  • Get immediate access to key medication information to resolve safeguarding issues and prepare for inspections.

  • Easily keep track of medication stocks with inventory management tools and a direct interface with your pharmacy.

  • Staff have detailed, up to date medicine information and record administration and the point of care.

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Electronic Care Plans

Create comprehensive electronic care plans and assessment forms, that cover all aspects of nursing care, no matter how complex.

  • Based on your assessments, the software automatically calculates dependency and risk scores, identifies specific care requirements and creates care plans to meet those needs.

  • A single, detailed record for each client. Guarantee consistency and never have to duplicate information again.

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<div id="ecp"></div><h3 style ="font-weight: 600; color:#54b9b3!important;">Electronic Care Plans</h3>
<div id="rostering"></div><h3 style ="font-weight: 600; color:#54b9b3!important;">Scheduling and Rostering</h3>

Scheduling and Rostering

  • Allocate staff based on availability and suitability.

  • Quickly build and template schedules.

  • Manage and monitor agency staff and costs.

  • Automate payroll and other business processes.

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Nursing Home success story

Erskine is the largest care provider to veterans in Scotland.

They have been using the nursing home care software suite for a number of years and have seen marked improvements in care outcomes and documentation. We spoke with the team to understand what they had to say about the software. Access Health & Social care are committed to giving their clients the freedom to deliver outstanding care.

<div id="success"></div><h3 style ="font-weight: 600; color:#54b9b3!important;">Nursing Home success story</h3>

Comprehensive care training, wherever you and your staff are

  • Includes Care Certificate, mandatory courses, advanced courses, management and more

  • Interactive courses available on mobile and online

  • Reports on individual and team progress, identify gaps

  • Subscribe to courses as and when needed

  • Ensure compliance with regulatory and legal training requirements

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