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Complete Care Management

Managing your services, resources and observing progress is vital for the delivery of outstanding care.

Access Workspace for Care is futureproof, it connects your care suite through a single sign-on, with powerful insights, apps and a seamless integration between your portfolio of systems.

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The power of apps

Access Workspace for Care delivers apps that work just like those you use on your mobile phone and provide insights on the day-to-day running of your service.

These apps build a picture on your desktop that is updated by the minute. You’ll see the status of your care provision simple and easy to read graphics, helping you to understand what is going well, changes you need to action or improvements you can make across your care provision.

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Learn and adapt

With continuously updated feeds, you can make the right decisions based on up-to-the-minute insights of your business. Be proactive and less reactive, re-deploy resources in real-time and effectively prevent incidents happening in the future.

The apps tell you where your bottlenecks lie, surface-up potential rostering issues and compare your operations effectiveness against historical data. Analyse what is happening across your operation at-a-glance, enabling real-time data-driven decisions and actions.

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See the software in action 

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Simplicity itself

Getting on-board with Access Workspace for Care takes no time and its intuitive design makes it simple to use. Its accurate and reliable data builds heat maps and readily understandable and actionable graphics on your workspace. See a reduction in admin, form filling and reporting, giving your care staff more time to care.

Our Best Practice Success Toolkit helps you unlock the potential of Access Workspace for Care, and optimise efficiency allowing you to do more with what you have and grow to deliver outstanding care to more people.

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All in one place

Access Workspace for Care connects all Access products with a single sign-on. If you have our Financials and HR products, then these will feed in to give you an even richer and more informative picture of your business. Everything runs - and uses - centrally-held data so you know the information you are looking at is the latest available. Connecting the apps brings the ultimate visibility of your whole operation.

Access Care Suite:
Software to deliver Outstanding care

Whether you’re a single provider or part of a large group, our suite of web-based home care management solutions can be configured to suit each individual organisation.

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