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Access Education Finance

Finance for MATs. Tick that job off your list

Our financial management software helps large and small trusts to confidently manage their accounts at a school, group or trust level.

Maintaining financial control at a trust level allows you to streamline your processes, save costs and enhance efficiencies. Create reports for single schools, groups or the entire trust. Completing and submitting your academies accounts return (AAR) for the DfE and conducting your annual audit is made easier with Access Education Finance.

Gain central control with your MAT finance

Central financial control allows MATs to reduce costs, streamline processes and promote consistency across schools.

Permissions can be set at a trust level for individual users and/or academies. Inter-school transactions allow MATs to post one journal to various schools, while central payments and central bank reconciliations give trust finance teams more control over processes and payments with options to manage accounts individually, as a central account with sub-branches or as a single, central account.

Why choose our central financial management solutions for MATs?

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Central control

Central payments and central bank reconciliations give trust finance teams more control over processes and payments.

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Flexible banking

Supports MATs with multi or single accounts across different sites

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Consolidated reporting

A consolidated reporting suite allows you to create reports on single schools, groups or the entire trust.

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Delegation of authority

Central control allows permissions to be set at a trust level for individual users and for schools.

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Academy Accounts Returns

Supports trusts to easily create and submit their Academy Account Returns (AAR).

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Trust-wide visibility

Gives a complete view of the organisation at the trust level with the option to drill down into individual schools at the click of a button.

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Reducing administrative burdens

Ensuring there is an efficient and effective financial layer at the MAT level gives central staff time to focus on other important tasks.

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Electronic bank reconciliation

Electronic bank reconciliation provides increased accuracy, efficiencies and improved financial decision making across the trust

Electronic bank reconciliation

Whether you’re a trust with multiple bank accounts or you’ve centralised your services and have a single bank account, reconciling your transactions every week or month can be a time-consuming task. You can reconcile your account(s) by uploading a .csv version of your statement, the system will then attempt to auto match the transactions from that bank statement to unreconciled transactions in Access Education Finance.

Create easy to understand reports with MAT finance

As a trust you can create easy-to-understand monthly, termly and annual reports for governors and trustees and meet your regulatory responsibilities with simple-to-produce DfE and ESFA returns.

Reports can be run at the click of a button, including

  • Management reports including balance sheet, income and expenditure and trial balance reports
  • A management report for the trust
  • Academy Accounts Return (AAR)
  • Payment practices
  • Cashflow forecast
  • Analytics
  • Consolidated transaction list repot
  • Audit reports
  • Reporting VAT

Reporting dashboards for powerful communication

Access Education Finance is delivered through Access Workspace, giving you powerful collaboration and communication tools, boosting efficiency, productivity and engagement.

The analytics and real-time information dashboard gives an up-to-date picture of your trust’s financial performance. Reporting solutions and KPI tools highlight the most important issues and trends. A fully customisable interface and drag-and-drop personalisation means you can stay on top of all your different applications from one place.

Why MATs love our finance software

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