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Streamlining financial management for independent schools

As an independent school, your commitment to delivering exceptional learning experiences is unwavering. And you no doubt understand the critical role of effective financial management, particularly in this challenging climate.

Access Budgets is here to make this process efficient and strategic, enabling you to allocate resources wisely, plan for the future, and maintain a sustainable financial model.

Discover how you can boss your budgets, seamlessly by watching our Spotlight on Access Education Budgets for independent schools demo video.

Over 8,500+ school business professionals trust our budgeting software

Join the growing number of independent schools who have switched to Access Education products to help streamline their school management processes. Designed by education experts, your independent school is in safe hands with Access Education Budgets.

Addressing your financial challenges

No two independent schools are the same. Therefore, managing the financial aspects of your setting is a complex endeavor. We're here to help you overcome the hurdles.

Tuition fee management

Setting tuition fees is a delicate balance. Our software provides data-driven insights into your school's financial health, helping you understand the real costs associated with education delivery.

By analysing historical data and future projections, you can make informed decisions about tuition rates that strike the right balance between fairness, competitiveness, and operational sustainability.

Resource allocation

Our software simplifies the complex process of allocating funds across different departments. With real-time financial visibility, you can ensure that funds are distributed efficiently to maintain academic excellence, facilities upkeep, and staff satisfaction.

The software's scenario planning feature lets you experiment with various allocation strategies to find the optimal distribution that supports your school's mission.

Strategic planning

Mapping out your school's financial future requires strategic foresight. Our software aids in long-term financial planning by analysing trends, forecasting revenue and expenses, and aligning your financial strategies with your school's vision.

This enables you to make proactive decisions that fuel growth, enhance educational offerings, and elevate your institution's reputation.

Tailored reporting

Monitoring current and forecasted financial position, reporting to the board of trustees and taking any necessary actions is a critical aspect of independent school management.

Our software streamlines that reporting by generating accurate, standardised and customised financial reports that deliver exactly what your school needs. You can have peace of mind knowing that your financial data is organised, auditable, and ready for scrutiny.

Why choose our school budget software for your independent setting?

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School specific

Designed for schools, our easy-to-use software makes it easy for non-finance staff as well as school finance professionals to manage budgets.

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Secure and cloud-based

100% cloud-based with secure access through Access Workspace, anytime, anywhere.

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5-year forecasting

Forecast and plan your school budget for up to 5 years, increasing your visibility so your school can avoid deficits and track spending. Tweak as needed from the ‘snapshot’ view, avoiding manual data analysis and entry.

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Scenario planning

Model the financial impact of multiple scenarios such as changes in staff, pay, pupils, income, expenditure and more. This is now even easier with our latest budget forecasting functionality, allowing you to make changes within the ‘snapshot’ view.

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Powerful reporting

Produce and view powerful reports, including income and expenditure, monthly staffing profile and pupil reports all in real-time.

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Customised reporting

We work with you to ensure you have all the reports you need at your fingertips to communicate your financial health to key stakeholders.

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Salary modelling

Understand the impact of your school’s biggest cost to estimate your end of year outturn and plan your school budget. Easily model and monitor changes to staff costs and benefit from automatic payroll calculations.

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Income & expenditure

Track, manage and report on all your school’s income and expenditure to ensure your budget stays on track.

Find out how our school budgeting software can help you plan for the future

BRAND NEW! Reforecasting feature now available in the Snapshot view

Revolutionise budget management with direct adjustments, eliminating manual updates

Now you can track your budget year-round, tweaking it as needed - based on expected outcomes, end-of-year projections, and variances, all from one convenient view

Bid farewell to manual data analysis and entry, and welcome faster decision-making, time savings, and enhanced data quality.

Calculate, plan and model staff costs

Your biggest cost is your staff. Ensuring your numbers are accurate and adaptable is crucial.

  • Quick salary calculator
  • Automatic payroll calculations
  • Staff costs for contracts, pay scales, pensions and allowances
  • Payroll reconciliation

Scenario planning and 5-year forecasting with our school budgeting software

Create precise 5-year budgets and forecasts with school-specific settings

Our system calculates staff costs, considering contracts, scales, FTE hours, pensions, and allowances.

Easily model 'What if?' scenarios for staff, pay, pupil numbers, income, or expenses, empowering you to craft effective short, medium, and long-term plans. This saves time with simplified decision-making for short, medium, and long-term plans.

Plus, utilise our latest budget adjustment feature for real-time modifications based on evolving variables.


Generate comprehensive reports and returns

An extensive reporting suite allows you to quickly generate customisable, easy-to-understand reports in a variety of formats, including:

  • Income and expenditure
  • Monthly staffing profile and pupil reports
  • Payroll reconciliation
  • A comprehensive budget dashboard


Budgeting resources for independent schools

Still have some unanswered questions? Check out our FAQs

What is Budgeting Software for Independent Schools, and how can it benefit my institution?

Our software is a tailored solution designed to streamline financial management for independent schools. It offers features like automated payroll calculations, scenario planning, staff cost analysis, fee billing and more. By using this software, you can efficiently manage your school's finances and make data-driven decisions.

How can the software assist in resource allocation across various departments?

The software simplifies resource allocation by offering real-time financial visibility. It helps distribute funds efficiently for academic excellence, facilities maintenance, and staff compensation.

The scenario planning feature lets you experiment with allocation strategies to find the best fit for your school's goals.

Is the software customisable to our school's unique needs?

Yes, the software can be tailored to fit your school's specific requirements. Our solution includes dedicated time with an experienced consultant who will ensure the system is setup in the way you need it to be. You can customise expense categories, revenue streams, school fees and reporting formats to align with your institution's unique financial structure.

How can we get started with budgeting software for independent schools?

To get started, simply reach out to our team for a demonstration and consultation. We'll walk you through the software's features, discuss your school's specific needs, and guide you through the implementation and training process.