Organisations across the UK are looking at how to get employees back into the workplace efficiently but more importantly safely. Access has some key tools and strategies to help make that a reality.

Organisational Resilience Platform: Secure Together

Getting back into the workplace safely is top of mind at the moment, but so too is staying there.  Risk assessments, incident reporting, audit checklists, training and symptom reporting capabilities are just the basic tools that will be required to make sure your employees are safe and your organisations future is secure. 

Here at Access, we are launching a new product to help organisations handle the COVID-19 situation. The Organisational Resilience (OR) Platform includes: Symptom reporting, Risk assessment and audit checklist templates alongside real-time reporting and distance enabled training.

Find out more in our 1 minute video.

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Post COVID-19 Business Readiness

A diverse panel of experts tackle questions from a range of health and safety professionals covering the needs and expectations of getting ready to return to the workplace in the wake of the COVID-19 lockdown.  With representatives from many different backgrounds; including Risk Management, Health & Safety Software, Warehousing, Manufacturing and Logistics.


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Passporting: Working Smarter

With new levels of hygiene, new focus from employees and new standards to comply with; the world of industry is facing one of the most revolutionary shifts in most of our memories. Passporting isn’t a new concept but it remains a mystery to many of us. This webinar takes a look at an example of passporting excellence which has been in place for many years, and explores how this will help with the post-covid return to work.


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