Your step by step guide to switch your recruitment CRM

Everything you need to know for a smooth CRM transition and making an easy switch.

Switching your CRM isn't just about introducing a new piece of technology into your recruitment agency, but a shift in mindset. It's a new business strategy that indicates you're ready to optimise and maximise your business potential to the next level.

Covered in this guide

  • The benefits of a CRM
  • Tell-tale signs you're ready to move
  • How to migrate in 3 simple steps
  • Best practice advice
  • Practical switchover checklist
  • Hear from recruitment businesses on their CRM switch

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The recruiters guide for a strong lockdown lift-off

Discover the latest recruitment trends for candidates, clients, consultants and tech to help kick start your productivity and efficiencies whilst the Covid-19 pandemic continues to linger.

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