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Recruitment CRM

Access Recruitment CRM software

A recruitment CRM built with a​ full suite of software integrations

Power your business operations with our intuitive, feature-rich CRM and plug in the solutions you need from our integrated ecosystem. No more siloed systems and data.

With Access Recruitment CRM as your central hub, you can transform your entire recruitment processes and impress your candidates and clients with a slick recruitment experience. Keep your consultants motivated by improving their placement rate with secure, scalable SaaS (Software as a Service) that gives the freedom to do more.

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Place faster with intuitive software

With Access Recruitment CRM, you can accelerate your recruitment processes, ensuring the right placement every time – giving you happy clients, happy candidates and happy consultants.

  • Book temps faster with drag and drop scheduling functionality to place workers at speed
  • Fast-track the interview process with the video interviewing tool, adding a new dimension to the candidate and client experience
  • As it’s cloud based, it’s always up-to-date and secure, plus your consultants can access at home, office or on the move

Work smarter with a connected ecosystem

Our recruitment software offers seamless integrations so there’s no need for multiple vendors. All the rectech you need to Attract. Manage. Pay from one trusted provider: Access Recruitment.

  • Create a complete end-to-end process with Access Recruitment’s multi-product platform bringing together your recruitment website, CRM, workforce mobile app, candidate compliance and Pay and Bill
  • Make the most of the latest and greatest industry tech with an ever-growing third-party integration list
  • Get support from one vendor and allow data to flow into different systems with Access Recruitment CRM at the core of your business

Discover more how Access WorkView mobile app can give you the freedom to do more.

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Speak to an expert to find out more about our multi-product platform and ecosystem.

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Powerful insights with integrated analytics

With Access Recruitment CRM software, you can create unrivaled insights about your business with our Access Workspace analytics dashboard, enabling you to spot areas of opportunity for improvement or growth.

  • Analytics dashboards are available as standard giving you real-time insight into how your agency is performing
  • Blend data from across different systems for a unique view of your business
  • Supercharge your performance and productivity even further with
    Access NorthStar

Discover a recruitment CRM your consultants would love to use: Watch our 15 minute demo video on our fully integrated suite of SaaS products

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Take a tour of the Access Recruitment CRM features

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Access Recruitment CRM specialises in…

Start-up to scale-up

Fast-moving temp


Start-up to scale-up

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Whether you are a start-up or looking to scale your business, having a high performing website for your candidate attraction integrated with an intuitive CRM, will help you perform better and grow faster.

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Helping you plan, launch and grow your business.

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Fast-moving temp

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Access Recruitment CRM combines the best consultant experience with all the software features you need to place temps faster than anyone else.

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Access Recruitment combines best-in-class recruitment CRM, compliance and website technology. Place candidates, match shifts, manage complex rates and compliance checks - all with minimal effort from one place.

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Recruitment CRM

McGinley Group

By automating reporting and compliance, they cut payroll processing in half.

“Access’ recruitment software is clearly market leading – all products have a high-level of functionality, are user friendly and will help any recruitment business scale up more easily. The systems integrate well with our processes and procedures and we are excited about Access’ candidate to cash roadmap”

Carrie Sheen, IT Manager, McGinley Group

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What is a recruitment CRM?

Will a recruitment CRM integrate with other software that I use?

What is the difference between CRM and ATS?

Why do we need a recruitment CRM system?

What is a recruitment CRM?

A recruitment agency CRM is essentially a central client and candidate relationship database system.

It allows recruiters to manage their candidate database, open assignments and jobs, contacts and clients in order to successfully match the right candidate.

What are the uses of a recruitment CRM?

A recruitment CRM is the hub of all activity within a recruitment business. It helps recruiters create and manage a pipeline of active, passive and placed candidates for permanent, temporary, and contract roles, and can aid in the development of candidate talent pools that can be accessed for future roles.

Client relationships are also managed via the recruitment CRM, together with all associated activities relating to filling open jobs.

Will a recruitment CRM integrate with other software that I use?

For optimum efficiencies, a recruitment CRM is integrated with other recruitment technologies such as your website, CV parsing and job multi-posting tools, telephony and SMS, business intelligence, and marketing automation, as well as screening and pay and bill software.

What is the difference between CRM and ATS?

An ATS system is typically used by an inhouse recruitment team to manage their applicants, whereas a recruitment CRM is used by an agency to manage their active, passive and previously placed candidates together with their client relationships.

Why do we need a recruitment CRM system?

A recruitment CRM provides efficiencies that give recruitment businesses a competitive advantage in a market where speed is paramount and relationship engagement is more important than ever.

It is an essential tool for effective tracking and monitoring of all stages of the candidate journey from applying for a role, through compliance to interview and placement.

As a recruitment agency grows, the CRM should be able to scale so that all recruiters have visibility of the data and can use the dashboards and tools to help them be as productive as possible.

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Recruitment technology that plugs into one innovative platform

From software products designed to solve key challenges, to a fully integrated solution:

Attract and reach candidates with Volcanic Recruitment websites

Share your jobs, fill urgent positions and never chase a missing timesheet again with Mobile Worker App

Place more candidates quicker Access Recruitment CRM

Learn how you can place temps faster than anyone else

Screen and secure with Access Screening

Pay staff and bill clients with Access Pay and Bill or managed service

Accounts and credit control with Access Financials

Discover how Access can help your entire recruitment business become more productive and efficient – giving you the freedom to focus on clients and candidates.

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