Creating a smooth candidate experience

The most successful consultants look for ways to connect with candidates personally throughout the recruitment process. No matter what market you’re operating in, top talent is top talent. Staffing firms that stand ready to deliver a strong customer experience will win out.

Impress new applicants from the point of registration by reviewing how candidates experience your recruitment process. Is it an enjoyable (or at least satisfactory) journey from start to finish?


Candidate Attraction

The first interaction a candidate has with you is usually when they review a job advert. Note advert, not a job description. You need to show potential candidates why this could be their dream job. What does it offer them in terms of career challenge and reward. Don’t just list out a long list of requirements and responsibilities as emailed to you by your client, you need to make it shine. Highlight the company culture, the staff perks and their diversity and inclusion policies.

Consider how you can best promote the role too. It’s not just about posting it onto job boards and waiting for candidates to come to you. Actively promote the role via your own website that should be google-optimised, as well as via social media, showcasing the best parts of the job.


The Application Process

When a candidate applies to your agency, they have shown a willingness to be considered for a role. But this doesn’t mean they’re 100% sold on it, or right for it. You need to evaluate their suitability, whilst assessing their potential match for other open vacancies or for clients you represent. Probe for information that wasn’t included in their initial application to open more avenues that will help you place them.

Most importantly, ensure that everything is recorded within searchable fields within your recruitment CRM, otherwise the information gathered was in vain.

Interview Preparation

Find out how the interview is going to be conducted and prepare the candidate accordingly with a thorough brief. How they present themselves may differ depending on whether it’s over the phone, in person or even via Zoom.

With so many interviews taking place over video now, it’s crucial that your candidates feel confident. Suggest helpful tips or point them in the direction of free resources, as well as potential interview questions and coach them through tricky responses.

Lasting Impressions

Once a candidate has been placed, that shouldn’t be the end of their journey with you. Check in with them at the end of their first week to see how they are doing. Even better, send them a card congratulating them on their new role.

Encourage them to complete a review of your agency on Google or Trustpilot, or a personal recommendation on your LinkedIn profile.

Essentially consider how you would want to be treated as a candidate – with respect and regular communication – and you won’t go far wrong.

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