Safeguarding your recruitment business against reputation damage and future changes

Written by Michael Sinclair – Recruitment Screening Specialist 

Every year in the UK, around 11% of workers change jobs. This equals a total of 3.5 million people who need to be screened every year, prior to starting their new employment.

All candidates must comply with various regulations, and must be compliant for various background screening checks, before being permitted to work in a role.

Completing screening checks for 3.5 million people is just as sizeable a task as it sounds, but if your recruitment business does not perform the correct checks for a prospective candidate, you will be subject to hefty fines and reputational damage.

And then came 2020… a year in which the regular challenges associated with sourcing, screening, onboarding and maintaining the compliance of UK’s workforce were compounded by a global pandemic and significant domestic legislative change.

This article seeks to explore the ways in which your recruitment business can safeguard itself against the pitfalls of compliance:

Human or Manual Error leading to damaged business reputation 

Many recruitment agencies are still using manual or disjointed processes such as excel spreadsheets, or multiple 3rd party providers. All those documents you need, when are they going to expire? Have they got the right level of referencing? Have all the checks been made and come back successful?

These are some of the key questions recruiters ask themselves on a daily basis, and finding the answer is a daunting prospect without screening technology’s ability to report, create candidate profiles and documentation expiry notifications.

Then if that’s not enough, consider the recruitment sectors that require particularly stringent checks…

In the NHS alone, there can be in excess of 50 checks for a particular type of role and Aviation possibly even more in certain areas. Imagine doing this for a multitude of candidates, without having saved templates for each workflow?

Your business is bound to meet some sort of human error, with the constant need to process compliance checks quickly and efficiently to meet your consultant KPIs.

Automatic alerts highlighting imminent expiry dates of candidate passports, visas or DBS checks, will help you to mitigate fines and protect business reputation.

Automation delivers more than fast, accurate results. It delivers peace of mind.

Protecting against changing compliance regulations

Our most recent blog article covers the details of some of the key changes in candidate compliance, so make sure to give that a read for the full details.

However, briefly summarised, the key changes over 2020 and 2021 include:

  • Screening a remote workforce as a cause of COVID-19
  • Delaying in-person Right to Work (RTW) checks until 5th April 2022
  • EU Settlement Scheme’s requirement to check RTW when recruiting EU, EEA and Swiss Citizens
  • UK’s Points-based immigration and visa application
  • Changes to off payroll working (IR35) for Personal Service Companies (PSC)

With the speed of change within the UK employment landscape occurring at such a pace – courtesy of both unforeseen and planned circumstances – it is impossible for everyone involved with recruitment, onboarding and ongoing candidate screening to be knowledge experts in every aspect of compliance.

Market-leading screening technology is designed to safeguard recruiters and employers. With configurable dashboards to accommodate specific requirements by role or department, it limits the potential to fail to screen for relevant checks or recording inappropriate materials. It simultaneously supports the employer drive towards improving the candidate onboarding experience, as rules-based solutions demonstrate knowledge, professionalism whilst enhancing both speed and accuracy.

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