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Microlearn is still here, we've just found a new home with Access Digital Learning Solutions and eLearning Courses.

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Microlearn was acquired by The Access Group in 2019.

Since we acquired Microlearn in 2019, we’ve been busy integrating the products, team and customers into the Access Group family. As a part of this journey, the Microlearn learning management platform and other products have been migrated into Access digital learning solutions and e-learning courses, if you’d like to learn more about its latest features. 

If you’re an existing customer, you can still get customer support here. Otherwise, please browse our different digital learning offerings below.

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Looking for software?

Our industry leading learning management system enables you to engage your learners, support their performance and development, and ensure the health, safety and compliance of your employees and organisation now and in future.

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Mental health & wellbeing eLearning

Online training courses developed by wellbeing experts create awareness and a supportive culture and can reduce staff absences in your organisation.

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Workplace skills eLearning

Investing in eLearning at work has a direct impact on engagement, motivation and productivity. Our eLearning training covers the full breadth of personal and professional development.


Compliance & CSR eLearning

Compliance & CSR online training designed to equip employees with the knowledge and skills they need to understand and evidence business and regulatory compliance.

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Cyber Awareness eLearning

Certified by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and written by cyber security experts our eLearning content helps employees recognise and respond to the threat of cyber-attacks.

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See how Access LMS can help you deliver effective learning throughout your organisation

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eLearning courses

Our eLearning course libraries are designed to help you deliver the learning your employees need to stay safe, meet compliance requirements and drive their development.

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Gamified Learning Solutions

Access Gamebrain is a mobile app that engages learners and helps you make sure learning sticks through repetitive play.


Career Development Solutions

Engaging online technology and eLearning content for career development and student employability.

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“Our staff love their content. It’s sharp, snappy, succinct, engaging and works perfectly with the busy schedules we all have.” 
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“With the ever-changing world of technology, it is important to keep employees’ training up to speed as well as being able to provide the right style of learning. They assist us in doing this in a positive way.” 

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