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Housing management system

Supporting local authorities to manage housing placements and ensuring every household is matched in appropriate compliant housing.

Our unique end-to-end housing solution improves the procurement and management of private and temporary accommodation, guaranteeing compliance of all listings while giving you full visibility of the available market. Give your council more control of the local supply base to efficiently place families and individuals into safe and compliant housing.

Our approach

The Access Adam Housing solution has been built by staff who truly understand the housing market and challenges of supplying temporary and private accommodation. We work in partnership to support your goals including provider management, green initiatives and improving local relationships to help combat homelessness.

Why should your Local Authority use our housing commissioning software?

As further demands for council provided accommodation increase and provision available decreases, local authorities need a solution that can quickly show and interact with the local marketplace.

Our housing commissioning solution works in partnership with you to grow your local provider market, de-risking your marketplace and ensuring you have a wide range of properties available. The system also ensures any additional requirements, such as available disability features or location requirements, which are met when securing a provider.

Transparency between providers within the system will produce fairer pricing across the market, helping you to more accurately forecast future resources and costs, and sustain growth of the marketplace for long term stability. Automated compliance, contracting, invoicing and payments, streamlines your processes and provides clear data to audit both users and providers, ensuring compliance and quality at each step. This saves your staff time and resources, as well as having a deeper understanding of the market to improve local services.

Adam Housing - Removing Risk


totally compliant bookings made in the last 6 months


assured shorthold tenancies, whereby one council have been able to discharge their housing duty and end a homelessness case


property compliance documents (e.g. Gas Safety) have been made available at the point of booking, ensuring 100% initial booking compliance


document compliance on bookings made in the last 6 months


documents being monitored for expiry on bookings currently active


new London Borough signed up


average number of documents automatically flagged for imminent expiry by the system every month


providers/landlords with active bookings with our customers
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Key benefits of our housing management system

  • Seamlessly onboard new providers to expand your marketplace and access a greater variety of accommodation.
  • Manage all bookings, requests, complaints and more within a single platform, ensuring full visibility of all your providers.
  • Ensure all providers are 100% compliant and meet any additional requirements, such as accessibility adjustments or local amenities.
  • Delivering 100% invoice accuracy and ability to pay providers automatically within the system, delivering FTE savings.
  • Save time and place people into appropriate housing faster by having full visibility of the available market in real-time.
  • Rich reporting capabilities are built-in, which informs decision making activities and creates a stronger, more transparent process.

All the key information you need is there, you can see the availability straight away, you can drill down into specifics quickly – and when you combine that with the filtering options you have, it’s a really appealing tool to use – especially when you have to act fast.

Dave Sambrook

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Explore our Solutions

Transport Commissioning System

Reduce costs and deliver efficiencies for your transport team, while reducing the admin burden for all users of the system. Gain full visibility of all active routes and ensure any SEN requirements are met for improved wellbeing at an individual level. Full transparency and access to the marketplace gives you back control over your transport requirements.


Our solution facilitates the commissioning of services for the public sector, including from an existing supply chain or a new procurement contract. We can help find the provider you need, ensuring full compliance and quality, whether you are completing a construction project, landscaping requirements or require a local provider, we’re here to help.

Social Care

Our digital solution supports local authorities to achieve greater performance and improve the quality of local social care services. Streamline processes quickly and efficiently, allowing you to respond faster to urgent care placements. With automated regulatory compliance built into the system, you can be reassured that each provider meets the individual’s requirements, creating a fair and high quality marketplace. Start growing your provider market today.

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