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Public sector procurement system

Our procurement solution facilitates the commissioning of services on a requirement-by-requirement basis through a technology platform and managed service. Whether you want to more effectively procure an existing supply chain, or wish to establish a new procurement contract, our solution can accommodate this.

From estates management in the public realm, to repairs and maintenance, we can help you to save time with increased speed of delivery, drive competition through an enhanced supply base, and introduce significant cost savings and efficiencies with transparent and compliant processes.

Our procurement system truly understands the challenges of quickly securing the right provider who meets your requirements. We work in partnership to support your goals including provider management, green initiatives and improving local relationships.

Why use a public sector procurement system?

Our cloud based end-to-end solution, allows your teams to act quickly and locate trusted suppliers within your selected timeframe. The simple to use system, gives you full visibility of the market, ensuring you secure high quality contracts at a reasonable price while helping you to keep costs down.

We put the individual at the heart of our procurement software by supporting your goals to provide a high quality service for the end user that meets their requirements. Our in house teams, work with you to adapt the system to fit your project requirements and goals. Helping you to provision for both short term and long term resourcing.

Discover the benefits of public sector procurement powered by Access Adam Care Commissioning

A bespoke procurement and brokerage system which gives your local authority full visibility of the market to support your goals to provide the highest quality service.

Only ever work with 100% fully compliant providers to consistently onboard and secure the right providers who meet your requirements. We can help you secure contracts which are high quality and at a reasonable price compared to the rest of the market to commission services that best meet your community's needs without going over budget. 

Through putting the individual at the heart of our public sector procurement system we help you to provision both for the short and long term, whether it's in health and social care services, transport, housing, or provider quality management.

Key benefits of our public sector procurement system

Using a clear, intuitive workflow, we simplify the handling of local commissioning for our customers and providers:

  • Increase competition in the marketplace: By actively engaging with your market, new and approved suppliers can be added regularly via a seamless onboarding process.
  • Automatic invoicing and payment: Delivering invoice accuracy and ability to pay providers automatically within the system, helping to improve cash flow for local providers.
  • Grow responses: Access requests from anywhere and in real-time, allowing you to react quickly.
  • Provider insights and reporting: Intelligent reporting informs future decision making activities, creating a stronger, more transparent process.
  • Saving time and keeping prices low: Increase your delivery speed and save money with our transparent and compliant processes.

The feedback we have had from providers is that the adam solution is very efficient for them and providers who work across multiple Local Authorities have told us that adam technology is the best system they use. It isn’t just us championing them, there are so many Local Authorities who would never change back to previous ways or try and do it themselves.

Ian Fraser, Milton Keynes Council
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Supporting the public sector to manage procurement provision, giving you confidence in your choice of supplier.

Explore our dedicated commissioning solutions


Our solution is designed to manage the full end-to-end process for CHC and community care service commissioning. Manage your workflow in a single platform to improve the efficiency and accuracy of provider placement while maintaining full visibility of the marketplace for improved quality of care and faster placement. Integration with SPINE and inbuilt reporting tools aids collaboration and management of workload across multiple departments, giving you confidence in the data received. Finally, our brokerage solution ensures all providers are compliant and meet any additional requirements your patients need, ensuring quality of care.

Social Care

Our digital solution supports local authorities to achieve greater performance and improve the quality of local social care services. Streamline processes quickly and efficiently, allowing you to respond faster to urgent care placements. With automated regulatory compliance built into the system, you can be reassured that each provider meets the individual’s requirements, creating a fair and high quality marketplace. Start growing your provider market today.

Transport Commissioning System

Reduce costs and deliver efficiencies for your transport team, while reducing the admin burden for all users of the system. Gain full visibility of all active routes and ensure any SEN requirements are met for improved wellbeing at an individual level. Full transparency and access to the marketplace gives you back control over your transport requirements.


We offer the only Temporary Accommodation end-to-end solution, which manages your entire workflow in a single place; from provider onboarding, property management, contracting to invoicing and payment. Our live tracking and availability tools allow you to make compliant placements efficiently and improve the overall quality of local providers. Discover how our solution is engaging both temporary and private housing for long term stability, and improving quality of placements for families and individuals.

Provider quality management

Provider quality based commissioning is considered key to delivering person-centred care, and is relatively easy for reablement services. The biggest challenge is adopting outcomes-based commissioning across services delivered by external Providers, which involves a major change in practice.

Our innovative Outcomes Assessment software allows Councils to deliver a powerful combination of time/attendance data and progress towards outcomes.

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How can investing in commissioning technology make councils greener?

Using digital solutions and commissioning technology is just one of the ways councils and Local Authorities improve their local areas and work towards ‘net zero’ targets. Scientists have warned what will happen if governments and the public fail to take action.

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See the public sector procurement system so many organisations use