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Giving our customers the freedom to provide an outstanding education

We are passionate about putting our customers at the heart of everything we do. The ability to help our customers achieve more of what’s important to them is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Our industry-leading software is used daily by over 9,000 schools, academies and trusts. 

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GCSEPod: Measuring the impact and value of learning resources

Giving our customers the freedom to deliver education in a way that has maximum impact on learning. Plus... Pupils using GCSEPod get on average one grade higher than non-users!

Put this way, £2,500 seems like a bargain. When compared to the £18,000 for a Teacher Assistant, or the £1,000 annual cost of a weekly hour of intervention, it is a no brainer. We simply couldn’t afford not to.

Access People: Consolidating HR processes into one system

Giving our customers the freedom to keep their staff happy, engaged and fulfilled in their roles.

Staff can now log in and download their payslips, access holiday requests and log overtime within just a few clicks. Previously this would have been done manually over email and it was incredibly inefficient.

Access Finance & Budgeting: Modernising school financial management

Giving our customers the freedom to understand their current financial situation, plan for the future and easily report to key stakeholders as and when they need to.

The training sessions were tailored to address the specific needs and nuances of each school, ensuring a seamless integration of the new system into their unique operational contexts.

My School Portal: Creating convenient access to essential information

Giving our customers the freedom to keep parents informed, engaged and connected throughout their child's educational journey.

It's saved us an enormous amount of time. We can upload thousands of reports in minutes, easily partitioning them in specific groups. It is also really easy to amend reports too.

Software to suit your educational establishments needs

Stoke Newington Horizontal Benefits
"Brilliant overview of the school’s finances"

Helps me quickly identify any worrying trends or oversights. It also ensures we can allocate resources in the best possible manner.

Head of Finance

Circle Trust Horizontal Benefits
"Access Education People is brilliant"

Staff can view information relating to their own school, while those responsible for overseeing the trust have a higher level of visibility.

Chief Financial Officer

Latymer Upper School Horizontal Benefits
"My School Portal saves us 100 hours throughout the admissions process"

We process over 200 new joiners each year and I’d estimate that the software has saved us around 100 hours of admin time.

Admissions Registrar

British School Al Khubairat
"I can easily create homework in 30 seconds with GCSEPod"

There's clear evidence of a correlation between high GCSEPod usage and those who achieve the top GCSE grades.

Deputy Head

Tower Hamlets Horizontal Benefits
"Budgeting efficiency has massively improved across the borough"

The software has massively improved budgeting efficiency across maintained schools in the borough. Headteachers are able to just get on with it now.

School Finance Consultant

Leeds City Horizontal Benefits
"GCSEPod's different way of learning empowers our students"

GCSEPod drives student progress and engage at the student's own pace and outside of lesson time. Ensuring students keep on track with their progress.

English & Maths Development Manager

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