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Access Recruitment CRM lets you place more candidates faster and provide powerful reports whether you’re in the office or on the move. Finally, a CRM your consultants will actually love to use.

Explore the short videos and factsheets below to discover how Access Recruitment CRM can benefit your business and bottom line.

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Tailored to you

A Recruitment CRM aligned to what you need to get done today

A CRM aligned to your role - whether you’re a consultant, director, team leader or marketeer - set up your software aligned to what you need to get done today.

You’ll have a personalised journey and experience every time.

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Easy to use

A CRM experience that your consultants will actually love using

Looking for a simplified user experience, something that consultants can pick up and use without a huge upfront time investment?

Then Access Recruitment CRM's new look and feel and our walk-throughs will be a massive hit with consultants.

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CV parsing

Smarter CV parsing so you can focus on what you do best

By using Access Workspace and Recruitment CRM you can easily get the CV files in – whatever the format.

Our CV Parser paints a picture of the companies the candidate has worked with, the how, what, why, when of their career and the metrics of their work history. This is all captured in the first ‘parse’.

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Powerful reporting

A CRM that gives you the information you need in an instant – with no extra cost

With Access Workspace and Recruitment CRM we’re giving users the power, and the option of building their own, library of reports. We have options for the less technical, those that just want to click a few buttons and get some meaningful KPI’s or for the more data hungry user, a full report builder on anything you want.

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Powerful scheduling

A simple but powerful scheduler to manage volume temporary recruitment

In just a few clicks, recruiters can add, remove, copy, search, look at availability, send SMS confirmations all from the same menu.

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API and integrations

All your recruitment software working together. Easy API integration

With Access Recruitment CRM you can run an availability search on temps that the client knows, unfilled shifts, filled bookings, multi fill, send bulk confirmations, all with the ability to drag & drop.

The intuitive nature of the favourites system, the walk-throughs, and the visual element are huge.

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Temporary recruitment

A CRM designed for fast moving temporary recruitment

With Access Recruitment CRM you can run an availability search on temps that the client knows, unfilled shifts, filled bookings, multi fill, send bulk confirmations, all with the ability to drag & drop.

The intuitive nature of the favourites system, the walk-throughs, and the visual element are huge.

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Permanent recruitment

A CRM that adds value to your perm or contract recruitment

Go onto any record, a candidate, a client, a contact, a job, a placement and see the 360 degree relationship they’ve had across your business.

See documentation, notes, conversations, stages, statuses and our back to front ‘shortlisting’ and submission process means that regardless of the requirement you don’t have to shoebox your consultants into one rigid way of working.

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Total compliance

Peace of mind compliance from candidate screening and reference checks to GDPR

Access Workspace will act as the central hub for your information in both Access Screening and Access Recruitment CRM.

Alone these are brilliant stand-alone solutions, but together they become a powerhouse of an integrated solution.

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Add value

More than a CRM: A CRM that cares for your consultants

Access Workspace can give users the ability to collaborate on tasks, documents, internally or with clients, we can give them responsibility to manage their expenses, their annual leave, and also start to build that business brand and culture through some of our engagement tools like Applause.

It’s really set’s the solution apart from ‘just another Recruitment CRM’ into something that adds value.

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Splashfor REC Video Volcanic Improvecandidateexperience UPDATED Webresourcethumbnail

Complete solution

The best candidate attraction and CRM experience from Volcanic and and Access Recruitment CRM

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A worker mobile app that automates your admin

We know that managing a temporary workforce can be a job in itself. From staying up-to-date with candidate availability all the way through the placement process to dealing with timesheet queries.

Cue Access WorkView, a workforce management tool that helps you manage your temporary workers, saving valuable time and giving you the freedom to do more.

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1200X680 Resourcethumbnail REC WEB RCRM Temp Brochure

A CRM designed for fast-moving temp agencies

Access Recruitment CRM for fast-moving temporary recruitment agencies combines the best consultant experience with all the software features you need to place temps faster than anyone else.

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Brochure People

Power your business with Access Recruitment CRM

Access Recruitment CRM provides intuitive feature-rich software built with a full suite of integrations that can help combat market conditions to deliver better candidate attraction, screening and business performance.

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Tell-tale signs you're ready to switch to a new recruitment CRM

The hardest part of switching to a new CRM is whether it's the right time to invest in new technology. Is it the right time for your recruitment agency?

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10 things to consider when making the switch

Successful CRM implementation is a long-term investment and the future of your agency, so it's important to take the time to cover all necessary steps and stages.

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3 step countdown to launching your new recruitment CRM

Switching your CRM isn’t just about introducing a new piece of technology into your recruitment agency, but it’s a shift in mindset. We've organised the steps involved in migration to a new CRM into three easy steps.

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Your top recruitment CRM questions answered

The arrival of new technology is exciting but can also be daunting. We often get asked a whole host of questions about how it’s going to work, what it looks like and what will happen next, so here's the answers.

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60S Web Resource

Place a Temp in just 60 seconds

Find out how to place a temp candidate in 60 seconds Access Recruitment CRM - perfect for if you work within fast-moving temp industries like Healthcare, Industrial, Construction and Education. And we've got video proof!

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Watch how Volcanic integrates with Access Recruitment CRM

We have delivered a market-leading, fully integrated solution to ensure your systems operate together efficiently, freeing up your time to run your business. Volcanic websites, integrated with Access Recruitment CRM. Front office, back office. Watch how it works in this on demand webinar.

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Place candidates faster than anyone else

Access Recruitment CRM is faster, easier to use and provides more functionality than any other recruitment system available today.

Hear from our customers
"Access' recruitment software is clearly market leading – all products have a high-level of functionality, are user friendly and will help any recruitment business scale up more easily. The systems integrate well with our processes and procedures and we are excited about Access’ candidate to cash roadmap."

- Carrie Sheen, IT Manager, McGinley Group


"With Access Recruitment CRM you can track all the applicant actions. It saves so much time and effort… For us it’s a time saver and is very efficient."

-Alan Beazley, Recruitment Operations Director, Assystem

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Access Recruitment: Candidate to Cash

Access helps the UK’s top agencies to simplify the everyday running of their recruitment business to fuel efficiency and productivity, control costs and enable growth. By bringing together best of breed products onto one platform we take care of everything from sourcing, screening and attracting the right candidates, paying workers, contractors and candidates right through to billing clients and managing cash collection.

This connected and collaborative way of working brings together every department within your recruitment business – giving you the freedom to focus on clients and candidates.

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