Recruitment Technology 2021: What Automation Is Worth Investing In?

Rachael Moss

Head of Marketing, Access Recruitment

With all of us having faced so much change in our personal and professional lives, the National Recruitment Federation chose the theme of “Work Life Reimagined” for its virtual annual conference on May 27th.

Rachel Kirton, Senior Product Manager, Access Recruitment, was invited to participate in the panel “Recruiting Tech 2021: What to invest in, what to get rid of, what to save up for” chaired by Johnny Campbell, CEO, Social Talent.

The key discussion topic was the role of automation to combat skills shortages in the challenging post-Covid market. Rachel talked about enabling candidates to self-manage their own information such as posting their availability and checking their pay details via Access WorkView, a worker mobile app.

“Being able to automate candidate touchpoints equals a better experience, alongside reduced associated costs for your agency. The temporary labour market is growing according to ONS data, but how do you manage it at scale without automating processes in an already margin tight industry? I spoke to a consultant who had spent 6 hours dealing with a payroll query, it’s just not an ideal use of time. What you want is to be able to eradicate errors with automated timesheets, to send candidates push notifications and have full visibility of check ins. That’s what Access WorkView delivers.”

Johnny Campbell cited 2021 as being a critical year to focus on candidate relationships. Providing automation for candidates across the entire recruitment process increases loyalty and retention, such as automating compliance for a better onboarding experience. Rachel commented: “screening is increasingly complex – some recruitment companies now have more compliance staff than recruiters in highly regulated sectors. It’s what’s keeping them awake at night.” She quoted Rullion reducing their time-to-hire by 53%, offering a better experience to their candidates through the adoption of Access Screening.

Other examples referenced included the ability for job seekers to Apply with LinkedIn, rather than having to create and upload a CV when applying for a role via a Volcanic website. Plus achieving 25% efficiency gains though Access Pay & Bill software with integrated automation.

Asked by Johnny for her top tip for what recruiters should look to achieve with their technology in 2021, Rachel was adamant that “it’s all about joining up your systems for better visibility and efficiencies. This is what our customers tell us they want and the lack of systems integration is causing them the most pain. The way we develop our software at Access Recruitment across our suite of products that cover the whole ‘attract - manage – pay’ spectrum, is to create an end-to-end solution. When a candidate accepts a job for example via Access WorkView this automatically populates in your CRM, and pay data is pulled from Access Pay & Bill. The whole experience needs to be seamless.”

 Download our infographic detailing how Access WorkView can benefit your agency or watch a short video showcasing our recruitment suite of products.