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Access FastTrack360

Pay workers and bill clients with precision and speed from one cloud-based system, uniquely configured to your business.

Access FastTrack360 is a powerful cloud system that effortlessly captures timesheets, calculates pay and creates invoices all online for your contractor and PAYE workforce.

What is Access FastTrack360?

Access FastTrack360 is a recruitment agency software that provides precision and efficiency in payroll and billing. With HMRC recognition, it ensures accuracy and compliance. Craft an exceptional customer experience, control margins, and enhance cash flow with streamlined processes. Seamlessly integrate with top recruitment CRMs like Vincere and stay compliant with changing regulations like IR35.

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Benefits of using Access FastTrack360

  • Process payroll faster with a comprehensive rules' engine
  • Create a connected ecosystem by integrating with your front office system
  • Modern SaaS technology makes the system secure and scalable
  • Configure billing templates, timesheets and payslips to reflect agreements you have in place with clients
  • Customizable configuration, so you can deliver business your way
  • Mobile timesheets capture time easily and accurately

Integrate FastTrack360 with your front-office

With Access FastTrack360’s powerful back-office integration you can simplify your payroll processes and empower your finance teams by automating payroll directly from your core CRM. Offering a seamless integration, navigation for enhanced data integrity, and increased efficiencies to meet complex payroll obligations.

Key features of Access FastTrack360

Accelerate your payroll process

Access FastTrack360’s payroll automation functionality provides you with the speed and accuracy you need to manage high volumes of workers with ease. It saves you time by automating repetitive tasks such as data entry, calculations, and generating pay slips – enabling your staff to focus on strategic recruitment activities rather than being burdened by manual administrative work.

Rate Management and time interpretation

Access FastTrack360’s rate management and time interpretation functionality gives you the flexibility to manage even the most complex pay agreements. Create agreements using a series of time and pay based rules, and with no limit to how many you can add, you are able to cater for your clients’ requirements. The time interpretation module works with the rates you’ve set to automatically ensure you’re sticking to the rules you’ve agreed with your client.

Capture timesheets with accuracy and ease

Access FastTrack360’s timesheet capture functionality has been designed to effortlessly manage increases in the volume of timesheets and automatically ensures that any pay agreement rules you’ve set up are being calculated correctly. Workers and clients can simply create and authorise timesheets from their mobile for fast approvals allowing you to pay and bill as soon as possible – keeping your cashflow healthy.

Get your brand in-front of candidates and clients

Access FastTrack360’s document design tool gives you complete control of how your payslips, invoices and credit notes are structured. You can choose from multiple data points and use our pre-populated library of templates to create documents that are aligned specifically to the pay agreements you have in place with your clients.

See the Access FastTrack360 system in action

[Webinar] How to automate your processes with Access FastTrack360

Watch a sneak peak of our Access Pay Solutions expert, James Coley, run through the most common pain points and challenges that he sees across the recruitment sector when it comes to payroll and billing, and how Access Fasttrack 360 is helping agencies to make their back office more efficient.

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