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Operations management system (OMS) 

Choose an operations management system for leaner operations and increased productivity. Our operations management software is proven to help identify waste in resource, production and time. Invest in our manufacturing suite to transform your organisation’s efficiency.

Why choose to automate high volume essential tasks with operations software?

Our operations management software modules are designed to increase the accuracy, quality and speed of all of the essential work happening around the manufacturing of each item.

By combining inventory management systems with sales order management and courier management, we have created a versatile system that can help you achieve your Lean manufacturing goals. What’s more, our OMS is just one part of a full suite of manufacturing systems that help to streamline every part of your business.

Benefits of using OMS

  • Prevent running low or overstock of raw materials, parts and components as well as forecast your current stock position, week by week for as many months ahead as you need.
  • Benefit from key features such as usage and stock-out analysis, shelf-life control and lot attributes to determine which batches to pick from.
  • Used in combination with continuous stocktake functionality and stock counting ensures your holding is accurate and available.
  • Accurately trace stock movement and carry out stock takes.
  • Learn more about inventory management software

Sales order management
  • If you sell your products directly or shipping out spare parts, keep all of your orders together, no matter what source they come from so you can easily print them off for quick dispatch
  • Create bulk picking batches of orders to pick via a mobile app
  • Make custom batches that suit your workflow by grouping orders by Zone, Courier, Client, Single Item and more
  • Easily track progress of outstanding orders and see updates as orders are received all the way though to shipments being dispatched
Courier management
  • Over 60 out of box integrations with unlimited further integrations, so you no longer have to rely on a third party to process shipments.
  • Directly embed most courier labels directly on to your dispatch note document or invoice.
Bill of Materials (BOMs) and Works Orders

Works Orders

Find out instantly which orders are waiting for components and decide whether to re-allocate from other jobs or use alternative components to ensure orders are not held up.

Automatically create back-to-back orders where you have shortages, subject to full purchase order authorisation.

Manage staff attendance and time lost and ensure you have the resources to fulfil committed works orders.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Create and structure a BOM under any part number with multiple levels plus manufactured sub-assemblies and bought in materials in any combination.

Automatically pull the required BOM when a new Works Order is created and then amend independently of the master BOM as required.

Display a ‘tree view’ of the Works Order components and record other useful information, such as colour and location.

Employee training

Utilise the SFDC module to identify gaps and improvements needed in staff training and use tools that aide their development and general wellbeing, such as our self-serve eLearning portal.

The Employee Success Plan (ESP) module helps map out deliverable action plans for each employee's development.

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Quality management

Quality Tree

Store all your quality documents in your operations management systemone place for ease of access and traceability. Link associated documents and records against a finished item or batch of stock for a complete audit trail. 


Follow a complete audit trail from start to finish and instantly source evidence, including POs, delivery notes and inspection reports. The ‘Quality Tree’ feature helps you keep all your certificates of conformity and associated quality documents in one place, against the finished batch.

Easily identify a non-conforming part, which batch it came from, when it was produced, which products has it been used in and where are these now. Track reworks against production works orders and present this information to your customers with ease.

Quality assurance

Meet the highest quality standards required in UK and European manufacturing and prove compliance with both your customers’ QA and ISO 9000. Produce delivery and quality graphs and reports using standard SC21 metrics (defence and aerospace industries). 

Control non-conformity in materials and components to eliminate defects in the manufacturing process. Produce FAIRs (First Article Inspection Reports), ensuring accuracy and quality compliance from the start.

Use the operations management system to quarantine faulty or damaged parts and to make this information easily accessible so the items can be reworked or scrapped. Carry out basic inspections of goods that can be inputted and filed onto the system. 

Traceability: Non-conformance reports

  • Create reports for repeat non-conformance, reject trends and calculate parts per million (PPM).
  • Track internal scrap and rework against production works orders.
  • Track supplier and customer quality metrics using graphs and trend analysis for delivery and quality.

Traceability: Shop floor data capture

  • Improve stock management and create robust audit trails by issuing and returning components to works orders.
  • Get an overview of employees, machines and other resources and proactively make amends to the shop floor to ensure all resources are being utilised to their fullest.
  • Capture data directly from the shop floor in a number of ways such as shop floor terminals, touch screens, barcoding and hand-held devices.
  • Alternatively, integrate with machine control systems to gather information directly from the production process.


  • Eliminate paper-based administration, reduce cost and improve traceability and control by enabling your staff to raise purchase requests from anywhere.
  • Purchase request templates can be fully configured to match your purchasing processes. Set up independent rules for the data captured and its associated authorisations.
  • Build sophisticated levels of approval or one-step authorisation and safeguard budgets with on-screen warning enforcing pre-set authorisation.

    Job Costing and Quotations
  • Capture production data during the manufacturing process and relay it to managers and/or display on interactive screens on the shop floor.
  • Respond immediately when action is required e.g. checking design specifications or reporting employee hours.
  • Use alongside the Works Orders module for managing the manufacture of multiple parts and check the progress of each job and automatically monitor costs throughout.

Micro Mesh Engineering Ltd review Access MRP

Micro Mesh have been using Access MRP for over 15 years. See what they think in this short video.

"We saw vast improvements within 3 months"
James Underwood, Managing Director at Micro-Mesh Engineering Ltd

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Features of using OMS

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Health and Safety

Our purpose built platform with specialist modules allows your business to keep all of the essential health and safety information, from document management to employee training, all on one platform

Producticon Learning

Training can be done when convenient minimising downtime and disruption to work-flows. Specialised manufacturing course topics include accident reporting, slips trips and falls, manual handling and over 20 others. You can also create your own courses and deliver these on the platform

E Learning 90X90px

Create and administer site or departmental audits and unify health and safety management, even with multiple sites running multiple shifts.

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Incident reporting

Use this tool to get an overview of any potential trends arising, anaylse hotspots and act on this information to manage incidents quickly.

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Risk management

Create and complete assessments and measure and manage individual risks

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Document management

Use the document management tool to assign, upload and update any vital documents and ensure these are all kept in one, easy-to-access platform

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Our Manufacturing suite

Our FactoryMaster MRP system is just one of our manufacturing software solutions. Below are some examples of other Access modules that can be chosen as part of our suite:

A wide range of modules that can be chosen to create a software package for your specific requirements