Planning and Scheduling

Smart manufacturing production planning software

Manage the real-life complexity of production planning in a clear and visual way.

Our advanced planning and scheduling (APS) software, Access Orchestrate, shows you how to make the most effective use of your resources, for greater productivity and better informed decisions.

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Manufacturing production software designed for agility

Access Orchestrate ensures that you are utilising every machine, employee and resource to its full capacity.

Production plans can be changed quickly and easily, and are visible to the right people at the right time. You can analyse capacity and test different scenarios to answer ‘what if’ questions and identify issues before they occur.

Our production scheduling software saves time, reduces waste and prevents errors, while improving communication between teams.

Access Orchestrate features


Capacity planning and 'what-if' analysis

User-defined views of production data

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Identify production bottlenecks before they happen and use the Drag and Drop Gantt chart functionality to easily adjust the production plan to ensure timescales can still be delivered.

Know that the same version of the production plan is being worked on by all, with one central live plan.

Capacity planning and 'what-if' analysis

Expand production capacity by understanding resource over- or under-utilisation in detail.

Use smart modelling to assess potential capacity, so you can provide dates and timescales to customers with the confidence that they will be met.

User-defined views of production data

Web-based apps allow you to pull through user specific views of real-time data from Access Orchestrate.

For example, the calendar app provides daily, weekly, monthly and agenda views on selected resources or production areas.

Benefits of manufacturing scheduling software

  • Increased capacity
  • Improved equipment and labour utilisation
  • Improved communication from visibility of one central production schedule
  • Reduced downtime and WIP
  • Reduced planning time
Access Orchestrate
Planning and Scheduling

TMB Patterns

Find out how TMB Patterns used Access Orchestrate software for efficient capacity planning and scheduling. 

“The live plan means different departments can see exactly what is happening. It provides a visual check on jobs to find out how they are progressing and when they are finished. We are also able to carry out accurate ‘what-if?’ scenario planning, so we can provide a completion date for customers and understand the implications of taking on a project."

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Still using Excel for your production planning?

Creating production plans in Excel is a complex and time-consuming process open to errors.

Teams may be working from different versions of a spreadsheet and making updates to the plan is difficult and does not always take into account activities such as preventative maintenance and quality control.

Production planning software Access Orchestrate provides one version of the truth, a real-time production plan which includes all tasks and their dependencies.

Intuitive ‘drag and drop’ functionality allows changes to be made quickly and easily, updating all activities.

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Shop Floor Data Capture - Access Orchestrate

Full shop floor visibility

Accurately record downtime, good, scrap, quarantined or rejected quantities and know that these will all have robust audit trails.

The Shop Floor Data Capture module (SFDC) allows you to know the true costs of individual operations and functions.

Improve employee safety by attaching training documents to equipment, allowing only qualified members of staff to use certain machines.

Connect production planners and shop floor operators 

Essential shop floor data, such as operation run times and production quantities, is captured by operators and is visible to production planners, feeding into the planning process. 

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The Access Manufacturing Suite

Below are just some of the modules that can be chosen as part of the suite:

  • Finance
  • Material requirements planning (FactoryMaster)
  • Planning and scheduling (Orchestrate)
  • Warehouse management (Delta)
  • Order Management
  • Stock Management
  • HR
  • Payroll
  • CRM
  • Shop Floor Data Capture
  • Analytics
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A wide range of modules that can be chosen to create a software package for your specific requirements

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