Automotive manufacturing software

The attention to detail needed in automotive leaves no room for error or waste.

Our ERP modules are designed to help you mitigate risk and improve planning and machine utilisation throughout each assembly line.

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Manufacturing ERP software for automotive industry

As automotive manufacturing continues to evolve and modernise with technologies such as 3D printing and alternative fuels, the need for the right software is greater than ever before. In order to meet tight deadlines in a competitive industry, our software is designed to speed up your operations through increased visibility whilst improving accuracy throughout.

Our ERP system is designed so you have the freedom to choose modules that are perfect for you, and can be scaled up as your business grows or as your business requirements change.

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Material requirements planning (MRP)

  • Use the MRP fuctionality to gather key information from other parts of your ERP and make suggestions about purchase and works orders that need to be placed, and orders that should be cancelled or rescheduled
  • Create a forecasted Works Order (WO) of stock needed to create one-off Made to Orders.
  • Also, create Works Orders for Made to Stock items while being able to take into consideration existing lead times and shrinkage factors.

Webinar: Increase productivity with Access MRP. Bring your people, data and software together and increase productivity and remove bottlenecks with Access MRP. Watch on-demand

Production planning and scheduling

Day-to-day scheduling

Capacity planning

Scenario planning

Day-to-day scheduling

Orch Dashboard
  • Know that the live production plan is centralised and can be viewed by all wherever they are.
  • Use the Drag and Drop Gantt Chart to easily adjust the production plan as needed and know timescales can still be met.
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What’s keeping your production planners and stakeholders awake at night?

Access Orchestrate Planning and Scheduling software removes the manual processes that make it difficult for you to run a lean operation with a clear view of your plan, stock and resources.

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Capacity planning

Orch Dashboard
  • Plan around staff absences, maintenance and other constraints to get the most utilisation out of each machine and production process.
  • Minimise machine down time by being able to identify production bottlenecks before they happen and reallocate these jobs to other machines and resource.

Scenario planning

Orch Dashboard
  • Develop production plans around constraints and bottlenecks to ensure timescales can still be delivered and production is running at maximum efficiency.
  • Run multiple scenarios before committing to production and know that timescales can or cannot be met.
  • Build customer confidence by providing consistent lead times and scheduled deliveries.

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Accounting software

The financial reporting dashboards show you the bigger financial picture instantly, with the right tools to make smart decisions based on trends while monitoring performance.

The management team can view the data in a variety of formats to delve into business insights, analytics and KPIs.

Choose from hundreds of report templates to make reporting and auditing simple. With our invoice automation tool, you import or scan your invoices instantly and automatically match invoices to purchase orders and goods received notes (GRNs).

Use Credit Control to regulate cash flow with automated escalation of debts so you can ensure timely attention and payment from customers.

Automating your finance process can make the difference between success and failure in your company’s operations. We explore the key things to consider when looking at automation and integration for your business. Visit hub


Winbro Group Technologies

Winbro Group Technologies uses Access FactoryMaster MRP as part of their Industry 4.0 investment.

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Automotive inventory management software

  • Full visibility of current stock with forecasting, helps you to minimise stock levels.
  • Use features that show component stock-out analysis and lot attributes to allocate batches to works orders.
  • When used alongside the continuous stocktake functionality, you know your stock levels are accurate and available.
  • Monitor stock movement and carry out easy stock takes for both LIFO and FIFO.

What does good inventory management look like? Delving deep into the cost of stock mistakes and how to solve them. Download guide

Enhanced Security

Your data is protected in the cloud as it is hosted separately from your main domain. It’s protected from cyberattacks, and from attacks to your on-premise infrastructure.

Advanced threat protection is provided via Palo Alto Wildfire firewalls, an intrusion detection and prevention system (IDS / IPS). It analyses threat intelligence from the largest global community to identify unknown threats and stop attackers in their tracks, and is particularly effective for dealing with “zero-day threats” – innovative attacks that haven’t yet been identified, acknowledged or fixed by the system it’s trying to infiltrate.

Access uses enterprise-level technology to identify and fix vulnerabilities that threaten the security of your IT Infrastructure. We'll deploy patches as they become available, ensuring your systems are up to date and protected.

Pharma Data Centre

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Analyse the impact of an outage before it happens
  • Fully automated application-level testing and failover
  • Automated backup and recovery testing
  • Automated Disaster Recovery compliance reports
  • Recovery Assurance for local, second site and cloud

Our data centres are in 7 locations on 4 continents - Europe, USA, Asia and Australia. Each location is ISO27001/SSAE-16 certified and highly optimised for cloud computing with N+1 or greater redundancy at all levels.

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The Access Manufacturing Suite

Below are just some of the modules that can be chosen as part of the suite:

  • Finance
  • Material requirements planning (FactoryMaster)
  • Planning and scheduling (Orchestrate)
  • Warehouse management (Delta)
  • Order Management
  • Stock Management
  • HR
  • Payroll
  • CRM
  • Shop Floor Data Capture
  • Analytics

A wide range of modules that can be chosen to create a software package for your specific requirements

Factorymaster Icon FactoryMaster MRP Orchestrate Planning and Scheduling