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iCareHealth is still here, we've just found a new home with with Access Care Management – a set of integrated solutions empowering professionals in healthcare, support, and social care services.

Access Health and Social Care software includes solutions previously found in iCare, building it into an integrated package that covers all of your care management needs. Find out about our software using the links below:

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Our care management software suite is complete with care planning, rostering, finance, compliance, e-learning and more, all in one care management system.

Find out about our software using the links below:

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Benefits of Access Care Management

iCareHealth has been a part of Access Care Management since 2018. It has been integrated into a powerful suite of tools that combine to give healthcare professionals everything they need to provide the best support for the people in their care.

Patient Flow Software

All of the software you need for your daily work is part of an integrated suite so that each programme works in tandem with everything else you’re using.

workspace for care software

Get a single view of your organisation’s healthcare software through Access Workspace for Care, bringing everything together in one digital space.

patient management system

Tailor your healthcare software to suit your organisation’s needs. We’ve worked with everyone from small care businesses through to NHS trusts.

Explore our care management solutions

Access Care Planning

Comprehensive domiciliary care planning software, includes eMAR, mobile carer app, configurable digital forms and integration with Access People Planner for rostering.

Access Care & Clinical

Comprehensive residential care planning software to record, evidence and manage care in your homes. With a mobile app to record both planned and unplanned activities. Integrated with Access Medication Management for a holistic system.

Access Medication Management

Reduce medication errors and improve effeciency with this comprehensive system, including eMAR, stock management, mobile app and integration with pharmacy systems.