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Smart Care Platform

In an effort to help bridge the gap between health and social care, we have combined cutting-edge technology within user-friendly devices and through a smart care platform

What is Access Device Management Platform?

Access Device Management Platform is a smart cloud-based platform which links digital devices and sensors into one secure dashboard. Designed to support effective care decisions, it helps care teams deliver better patient outcomes by providing a real-time reflection of VIP's activity, location and well-being.

Through the devices and sensors, Access Device Management Platform gathers valuable insights as to a VIP's normal activity pattern and their home environment that help inform their care circle of the VIP's personalised care needs. It enables 24/7 support if a VIP is in distress as it links all major Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs.)

Fully digital, resilient, futureproof and ready for the Digital Switch Over, Access Device Management Platform is proven to make significant improvements to the provision of social care, including cost savings and a reduction in readmission to hospitals.

Access Oysta’s Device Management Platform simplifies technology-enabled care and provides care providers with the ability to transform reactive care into efficient, personalised, preventative care with 24/7 support.

Deliver Preventative Care with Access Device Management Platform

  • Device Agnostic - With the ability to integrate with most digital devices and sensors, Access Device Management Platform can integrate with most digital devices and sensors to provide a full picture of VIPs care needs in one management platform, facilitating a personalised care plan
  • Fully Interoperable - Access Device Management Platform enables seamless integration between digital devices and sensors, giving care professionals insight into VIPs' care needs and connecting with any ARC or Prescriber systems.
  • Maximum Security - Your VIP's data is safe with us. We employ strict security measures and undergo independent pentesting and audits to ensure maximum protection.
  • Digital and Futureproof - Access Device Management Platform is futureproof, fully digital and mobile-based, providing VIPs with a 'cloak of care' that's always with them. Resilient and ready for the Digital Switch Over. 

How does Access Device Management Platform help?

Access Device Management Platform provides data and analysis to support effective care decisions and prioritisation, helping customers to deliver better outcomes.

Being digital and mobile, Access Oysta’s technology is not dependent on any landline or Wi-Fi. It offers a “cloak of care” that goes everywhere with the individual.

The digital devices and sensors link into the cloud-based, Access Device Management Platform that provides real-time data on an individual’s location and activity, linked to real-world information such as humidity, time and weather to provide a 360-degree view of a person’s wellbeing.

Access Device Management Platform is used by the care circle to provide regular, automatic updates on activity and location; these enable trend analysis to identify unusual patterns of behaviour supporting the implementation of interventions to prevent negative events from occurring.

Our Device Management Platform simplifies technology-enabled care and transforms reactive care into efficient, personalised, preventative care.

Involvement of care circles can be dependent on the needs of the VIP. With Access Device Management Platform you'll be able to see:

  • Any fall detections
  • Any SOS alerts
  • Safe Zones
  • VIPs Activity Patterns (and if the pattern has changed)
  • Precise location of VIPs if they are not home
  • Alerts (such as if the VIP is out in cold weather/ after dark)
  • Fluid Intake
  • Smoke Alarm maintenance needs
  • Home temperature and humidity
  • Any leaks in the home.
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SafeHome are our passive sensors that monitor VIPs home environment to detect anomalies in their activity patterns as well as ensure they are safe from smoke, and leaks and receive good airflow through their home. The sensors connect to the Access Device Management Platform and display insights in real-time when anomalies are detected, the platform triggers the attention of the care circle.

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Personal alarms

Access Oysta helps Vulnerable Independent People (VIPs) stay safe at home and away from home. Our personal alarms encourage VIPs to pursue an active lifestyle with a safety net in place. Our personal alarms link into Access Device Management Platform so the care circle can have regular, automatic updates on activity and location which enables trends and analysis to support effective care decisions.

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Why choose Access Oysta?

Access Oysta has a clear role in public health. We offer digital care solutions that help bridge the gap between health and social care, helping people live safer, independent lives, for longer. Access Oysta creates partnerships with Local Authorities, Social Care Providers, Housing Associations, Care Homes, NHS Trusts and other organisations to manage and respond efficiently to immediate and longer-term care needs.

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