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Personal Alarms - Safe at Home, Safe Away from Home

Personal alarms give individuals a cloak of care both in the home and outside in their communities, sending data into the Access Device Management Platform so the care circle stays informed and alerted in the case of an emergency.

Access Device Management Platform

Access Device Management Platform is used by social care teams to gain insight into individuals daily living activities, so they can assess and prioritise care needs. They can detect falls, location, alarms, and insights, set reminders and safe zones and add notes.

Our Device Management Platform transforms reactive care into personalised, preventative care, helping customers to deliver better outcomes.

Access TEC pendant

The Access TEC pendant gives individuals a discreet safety net so they feel confident to leave their homes.

It is an ideal solution for care homes with residents who wish to remain independent but also those who can get disorientated.

The pendant connects to our Access Device Management Platform, so the care circle will be able to set safety parameters, locate individuals and if needed, direct them home or direct help to their location.

It provides peace of mind to individuals that they can remain independent and safe, and their care circle stays informed and available at a push of a button.

Access TEC App

"I don't want another device; I have my phone!"

Some individuals are resistant to new technology, especially when they have a mobile phone.

Our Access TEC App bridges that gap.

In the app, individuals have an SOS button which sends an alert to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) or their chosen contacts. The care circle can send welfare check messages and map the individuals’' location if needed via  Access Device Management Platform .

The App is a cost-effective telecare solution for individuals who already have a mobile.

Access TEC Watch

The Access TEC Watch is a discreet, wearable personal alarm for individuals who want to remain independent, with a safety net in place. 

The watch acts as a regular watch with date, day and time display with extra features such as individuals can make and receive calls through the watch and it has a one-touch SOS button that connects them to their Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC.) 

The watch connects to our care platform, so the care circle will be able to set safety parameters, locate individuals and if needed, direct them home or direct help to their location.

Benefits of personal alarms

Peace of mind for you & your family

Providing you, and your family or carers with greater peace of mind and support, Access TEC enables crisis prevention as well as responding to emergency alerts. Monitoring activity and patterns of behaviour, Access Device Management Platform manages data in a safe, secure, encrypted way so your details are never compromised. Able to locate you when you raise an SOS or a fall is detected, then mobilise your care network to deliver the assistance you need, our Device Management Platform is the power behind all of our mobile telecare solutions.

Easy to use devices

Each telecare solution in the ecosystem has been designed to be extremely easy to use. No complicated training or installation is required. Pre-set and ready to use straight out of the box, simply turn it on.

A choice of telecare solutions

When it comes to choosing a telecare solution, everyone is different. For some, it may be a simple solution that is worn on their person, to enable them to continue to live an independent life, but with the reassurance that help is always on hand, wherever they are. For others, it may be a combination of solutions that allow family and carers to set safety zones in the community and to monitor movement within the home. This would ensure that in the event of deteriorating health or confusion when alone and outside, the issue is flagged, and assistance is coordinated.

Innovative technology

Through the innovative technology that Access TEC utilises, we have been able to reduce falls, enable patients to be safely discharged from hospital sooner, and ensure that people can stay at home longer and out of long-term care.

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