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How My School Portal helps primary schools

We understand what primary schools need to make it easier to manage all student admin, be more effective when communicating with parents and process school payments.  

So here’s just a few ways in which My School Portal can help make life easier in your primary school.  

  • Online forms for all your data collection, permission slips and more
  • Target messaging for a simple solution to your parent communications
  • Content rich newsletters to keep parents informed
  • Online booking and payments for school lunches, clubs, trips and more
  • Single-sign on to make it easy for everyone to use 

The all-in-one platform for primary schools

Streamline the number of different resources you need by investing in My School Portal, a secure and sophisticated platform, that collates all student information and data into one place for staff, parents and guardians.

  • Simplify parent communications
  • Process school payments
  • Manage all your forms and data collection
  • Organise trips, clubs, parents' evening and more
  • Most of all save hours of valuable admin time.

Everything you need all in one place

My School Portal streamlines communication, increases parent/guardian engagement and saves hours of valuable admin time.

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Messages, social media, website, calendar and events.

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Home learning, parents’ evening, reports and data.

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School lunches, clubs, booking and online payments.

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Forms, permission slips and more.

Read how investing in one multi-purpose platform can save you 20%

Parent-friendly features

Share those special moments, get support from home with learning and provide parents and guardians everything they need, all in one safe and secure platform.

Single sign-on

Break down the barriers to access by making it quick and easy for parents and guardians to login.  

My School portal offers quick and easy sign-in options either by requesting a password or by using single sign-on (SSO) via the options below: 

  • Google 
  • Microsoft 365 
  • Facebook 
  • Firefly 
  • OneLogin 
  • Apple 

One username, one password, one view. 

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Keep all everyone up-to-date with what’s happening in school with the My School Portal calendar.  

Allow parents to synchronise events directly to their own calendar and dynamically update your school's website so everyone is in sync.  

Accessible on all devices parents are always kept up to date with what’s happening in school.  


Shown on a students timetable, parents can quickly book, manage and keep track of the clubs and activities their child is signed up to.  
Create sessions for clubs and take payments all-in-one easy to navigate platform, making the process simple for busy parents to keep on top of.  

Amazon Alexa

Is it odd sock day this week? Does my child have spellings? 

Parents don’t even need to login to My School Portal, they can just ask Alexa! 

Very popular with parents, our Amazon Alexa integration is a nice little touch that helps parents keep on top of their child’s activities.   

I'd definitely recommend My School Portal. It’s made a massive difference to us, we have saved hours of staff time and my team speak highly of it.

Chris Raynerd, Assistant Head, Crompton House School

Save on budget by investing in one secure and sophisticated platform that does it all.

Improve your communications

Communication is the key to a smooth-running school. Make that job easier than it should be by having everything you need all-in-one portal.


One single interface for all your emails, messages and SMS.  

Everything is backed up, tracked and stored so nothing can be deleted in error or overlooked.  

For busy parents this gives peace of mind that they know they are on top of the many different forms, trips, clubs and announcements your school makes.  

For your admin staff they can flag important emails, ensure nothing is missed and most importantly get a quicker response rate.  

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Some parents need to be sent information by SMS, with my school portal not only can you send in bulk to save you hours of valuable admin time you can also reduce the cost you pay with SMS from as little as 1.9p per message.  

Save money with MY School Portal by ensuring the platform you use has the cheapest tariff available.  

Social media

My School Portal makes all your communication seamless.  Everything is presented in one dashboard ensuring posting to your social media channels and newsfeeds couldn’t be easier.  

From your website to social media, all your parent communications are linked, up to date and keep parents on top of what is happening in school. 

The best feature of My School Portal is that it’s a one-stop communication point. It’s very intuitive.

Edward O’Connor, Headmaster, St Edmund's School

Simple school lunches

Simple and easy to use online school lunch management and finance for primary schools Our tools make it easy for both your finance team and parents to manage school lunches, catering requirements and most important ensure faff-free finances. 

Meal management

Add menus, book meals and collect payments. It couldn’t be easier with My School Portal.  

  • Allow parents to pre-order lunches and pay in advance for shorter lunch queues and a faster service time 
  • Provide the school and catering with weekly settlement to reduce waste 
  • Create flexible menus and one-off themed days, then quickly communicate to parents, all through one platform. 
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Dinner money

We provide the advanced cashless solution for Primary Schools, eases the burden and hassle of collecting, counting, reconciling and banking cash. The powerful integrated cashless and attendance system is designed to administer and process Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM), Free School Meals (FSM), Supervisor Allowances, Online Payments, Cash Payments and Payments by Cheque.

Easy finance administration

Flexible and secure, our cashless payment solution is fast, easy to administrate and provides all the reporting your need to manage stock availability, monitor FSM and UIFSM, and track debtor accounts to help parents manage payments 

Online payments has really helped us reduce our costs and the amount of time we spend counting cash; we've seen our takings increase by over 20%.

George Spencer, Headteacher

Simplify bookings & payments

Make it as easy as possible for parents to pay for school lunches, contribute to trips and pay for extra activities with one platform that does it all.

Online payments

Save your admin staff from chasing down payments and ensure you can run that trip as you have enough to cover the costs involved.  
My school portal simplifies school payments. Collect online and seamlessly integrate them with your finance system. Most importantly relax knowing all payments are secure and it’s just one less thing to think about.  

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Clubs and trip bookings

Streamline your bookings for trips, clubs, parents evening and more. All bookings automatically show up on the parent's calendar and child’s timetable to ensure nothing is missed.  

Reduce your admin time by allowing parents to manage their own bookings and let them book and pay all in one go.  

Parents' evening

Printing parents evening slips, ensuring they make it to the parent and then back into class is an admin nightmare.  

My school portal simplifies the booking process and then gives the option to host the parents either online or virtually via Teams, Google or Zoom.  

Read more about our parents' evening booking system.

Improve attainment with our learning features

Show parents how their child is progressing and let them keep track of homework and additional support activities. Our features improve parental engagement and in turn improve attainment. 


Keeping on top of what homework their child has can be difficult, especially for those with more than one child.  

Staff can quickly assign homework to their class, and it will show up on the parents' calendar. That way everyone knows what needs to be done and by when.  

This can be anything from home reading to fun half-term activities. Keeping parents on top of these extra activities helps them stay in control and improves student progress. 

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Home/remote learning

Set, manage, submit and mark all in one place.  

For students that can’t be in school for a variety of reasons you can support them in the same way you do the children in your class.  

Student reports

End of term reports are expensive to print and incredibly time-consuming.  

My school portal is the ideal way to send out reports. Online they are stored for parents to view, download and refer back to whenever they may need.  

Not only that but teacher’s can use this to keep everything all in one place and help them deliver a better parents evening experience. 

You can also share rewards, behavior points or attendance throughout the year.  

Everything safe and secure all on one platform

Save hours of valuable admin time by streamlining all those time-consuming daily tasks.  

MIS data integrations

We integrate with your school's MIS so you only ever need one portal for everything. It’s quick and easy to set up and we do all the work for you.  

You just login to My School Portal and everything you need is already there for your whole school community.

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Online forms

Save hours of admin time and reduce printing costs with our online and customisable forms.  

Online forms increase response rate and are safely stored against each individual child, making it quick and easy for staff or parents to refer to. 

My School Portal also gives both parents and staff the ability to add supporting documents.  


We are a trusted accredited provider.

Your data, information and reputation is safe with us. We are extremely proud that My School Portal is secure and compliant to the recognised international standard for security practice ISO27001:2013.  

Access has been certified by Alcumus ISOQAR to UKAS Standards for ISO27001:2013 since 2014 with a record of no non-conformities.  

We are also Cyber Essentials certified, we run regular penetration tests and we are GDPR compliant.  

The option for multi-factor authentication reassures parents every time they connect with you through My School Portal.

As part of your subscription, all new releases are included free of charge.

We grow with your school

My School Portal has everything schools need to streamline communications, process payments, organise school lunches, keep parents engaged and so much more.  
Not every school uses every feature but as your school’s needs change so can our platform.  

Tailored to your exact needs with the ability to expand we are the only platform you will ever need.  

We are there to support you

Our customer success team are always on hand to support you in any way they can.

"My School Portal is a proper partnership rather than simply being issued with something (for us) to use. They are there to support you along the way."
Neal Parker, Head, King Edward VI School