Reporting for visitor attractions

Make data-driven decisions with access to accurate, consistent real-time data and in-depth reporting across your visitor attraction. Plus, integration with your CRM and Accounting software means more accurate and efficient financial management and projections across your organisation.

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Browse Access Gamma features:

Comprehensive sales performance reports

  • Report on key data in real-time and get an at-a-glance view via the live dashboard.

  • View visitor numbers, busiest times, ticket sales and average spend across ticketing, retail and catering.

  • View voucher redemptions, cash or banking summaries for every department.

  • Analyse resource usage, sales and profit, top and bottom customers and projected income across the organisation.

  • Report on stock levels, stock movement, stock valuation, audit trails and margins.

Reports And Sales Analysis (2)

Build better insight into visitor analysis

  • Seamless integration with our CRM database lets you capture GDPR-compliant visitor data at point of sale and track buying behaviour across ticketing, retail and catering.

  • Build comprehensive visitor profiles and create personalised experiences, communications and incentives. Plus, quickly capture Gift Aid at point of sale.

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Flexible pricing means you only pay for what you need

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Comprehensive financial performance reports

  • Seamless integration with our finance and accounting software gives you real-time visibility and a single source of timely, accurate financial information across your organisation.

  • Get instant access to your financial performance, run in-depth reports and create projections, to make real-time decisions across your organisation.

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Reduce costs, drive sales and deliver better customer experience

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