Visitor tracking software & CRM database

Build comprehensive visitor profiles and create personalised experiences, communications and incentives. Seamless integration with our visitor tracking software lets you capture GDPR-compliant visitor data at point of sale and track buying behaviour across ticketing, retail and catering.

Plus, quickly capture Gift Aid at point of sale.

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Browse Access Gamma features:

360-degree view of every visitor

  • Build comprehensive profiles for better visitor insight, more targeted campaigns and tailored incentives.

  • Capture GDPR-compliant visitor details at point of sale as well as via back office functions.

  • See every interaction, interest, donation, event attendance and spend across ticketing, retail and catering to build comprehensive profiles for better insight.

  • Integrate with your social media channels and website for comprehensive data collection.

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Personalised visitor communications and incentives

  • Multi-criteria segmentation of visitors makes it easy to create personalised and targeted multi-channel communications and incentives.

  • Visitors can be categorised by potential value, interests and more.

  • Track all communications and analyse the impact of marketing.

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Flexible pricing means you only pay for what you need

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Reliable visitor and Gift Aid reporting

  • Process donations and Gift Aid transactions including annual pass and one-off transactions to maximise income, and report on Gift Aid in line with HMRC requirements.

  • Monitor real-time performance at a glance and drill-down for in-depth analysis.

  • Quickly run comprehensive management reports.

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Reduce costs, drive sales and deliver better customer experience

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