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Select Legal is still here, we've just found a new home within Access Legal. We can help to signpost you to where you need to go.

Intuitive, adaptable, and designed specifically for law firms, Select Legal systems deliver with 25 years of experience a software that is clearly focused on enabling law firms to handle larger caseloads more profitably. With a wide range of case management software for lawyers modules available with the LAWFUSION system, the software is designed to enable law firms to streamline processes and capture all billable time.

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Select Legal was acquired by The Access Group in June 2021

Select Legal is a company that provides software solutions for legal professionals and law firms. It offers a suite of software products through the LAWFUSION system, designed to help legal professionals manage their work more efficiently. Key features include including document management, time and billing, case management, and financial management software. Read more about the acquisition here.

What is Lawfusion?

LawFusion is a comprehensive practice management software that is designed to help law firms streamline their operations, manage their cases, and improve their productivity.

It includes tools for managing client and contact information, scheduling appointments, and tracking deadlines.

LAWFUSION software excels at efficiently handling the billing complexities associated with several of the LAA Civil Family Fee Schemes, making it a best in class solution for firms that need to help them manage their legal aid case loads.

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Giving you the freedom to focus on clients - see our law firm software in action

Freedom to focus on clients

Our law firm software allows you to focus on what matters most. With industry-leading solutions to help you manage every aspect of your firm, Access Legal helps you to unlock limitless potential, improve efficiency and productivity.

Our legal software helps you with managing clients, cases and matters, staying ahead of regulations, training, looking after your staff and managing your finances.

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Case management

Save time and increase efficiency by automating routine tasks and improving accuracy and consistency across your firm with Access Legal case management software.

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Practice management

Give yourself the freedom to improve the performance of your practice and generate value with one seamless legal software solution.

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Legal compliance

Cloud-based compliance software designed to keep your practice safe and compliant. Stay up to date and easily audit and evidence your compliance through powerful reporting.

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Legal learning

Access Legal Learning is an easy way to provide training solutions that can meet the needs of your firm. Includes SRA, AML, CQS, GDPR and FCA compliance.

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Legal accounts

Take complete control of your finances and remain fully compliant with the SRA’s Solicitors Accounts Rules (SAR) and Making Tax Digital.

Gain visibility across your business with comprehensive reporting and a complete audit trail of your firm's transactions.

Client portals
Client portals

Empower your clients with mobile self-service tools access case files in one place, track real-time progress and securely send, receive and digitally accept documents.

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Cloud hosting

With unrivalled technical support, automatic software updates, and the reassurance that your firm can continue running whatever the circumstances, our cloud-hosted software enables you and your team to work securely from anywhere.

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HR for law firms

Streamline your processes, increase productivity and stay flexible as you grow with intuitive and integrated recruitment, HR and payroll software at your fingertips.

Robust and reliable legal software

Access Legal Select Legal Practice Management Software provides a robust and reliable software modules covering every area of a legal practice.

Built around a powerful, central database the software has been designed to streamline your processes, capture all your bill-able time, and enable fee earners to manage larger caseloads more profitably. Fully compliant with the Solicitors’ Accounts Rules, the software reduces risk and provides sound business information. The legal accounts software package is popular with cashiers and fee earners alike, providing everything a law firm needs to run its financials. 

There is a large and growing library of proven case management workflow charts as well as a ‘blank-sheet’ workflow template for Practices that wish to develop their own. The solution includes sophisticated time recording, CRM & Marketing software, and extensive legal aid functionality too. The system is fully integrated and is delivered and supported by a specialist legal software team. 

Your questions answered

When were Select Legal acquired by The Access Group?

Select Legal were acquired in June 2021. To read the press statement click here

Is Lawfusion still supported?

Yes, most definitely. LAWFUSION (now Access Legal Fusion) is being continually developed and enhanced along with the wide range of other Access Legal products designed specifically for the legal profession.

Does Lawfusion integrate with any other Access products?

LAWFUSION (now Access Legal Fusion) integrates with many other software products, both Access products and third-party software products. For a conversation about what is available please reach out to us and book a call with a legal software expert. Alternatively you may prefer our online chat facility which is available from our website.

Does Lawfusion integrate with any third-party software?

Yes LAWFUSION (now Access Legal Fusion) integrates with a wide range of third-party software products that are key to law firm processes. In fact, new integrations are being developed all the time to meet the ever-evolving needs of the legal profession. To discuss your integration requirements, please feel free to contact one of our legal software experts. Alternatively we offer an online chat service via our website.

Why has Select Legal moved to Access?

Select Legal had a 25+ year history of providing leading practice and case management software to hundreds of law firms. Its growth in the late 1990s early 2000s had attracted attention from legal profession end users as well all the key legal market technology players alike.

Following the acquisitions of both Eclipse and DPS (Select Legal competitors at the time) Access Legal decided acquiring Select Legal would solidify the company's already commanding position further, in the UK legal software marketplace, strengthening its portfolio of products as well as bringing it a step closer to creating the first-of-its-kind digital workplace through Access Workspace for Legal.

What do I do if I’m an existing customer of Select Legal?

Team LAWFUSION is still here. The team you know and trust has just found a new home with Access Legal. We can help signpost you to where you need to go.

Whether you want help from our support team or you would like to speak to your account manager, let us know, we are standing by to help.

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LawFusion key software features

A fully integrated suite of software with many time-saving, efficiency-enhancing features.

Legal Accounts Software

Fully compliant with the Solicitors Accounting Rules, Access Legal Fusion Accounts software is highly intuitive making it popular with free earners, cashiers and support staff alike. This feature-rich accounting software for lawyers, makes achieving and maintaining LEXCEL far easier and includes:

  • Management Reporting
  • Sophisticated Billing functionality
  • Legal Aid Accounting
  • Cash Flow tools
  • Debt Management
  • Client Ledger
  • Professional Nominal Ledger
  • Purchase Ledger
  • VAT Ledger
  • Cash Book
  • Bank Reconcilliation
  • E-Chitty Posting Requests
  • Deposit Interest Calculator
  • Anti-Money Laundering Compliance functionality
  • Requisitions and Remittances
  • Expenses / Disbursements
  • Making Tax Digital functionality
  • KPI Monitoring
Legal Case Management Software

Intuitive and flexible Access Legal Fusion’s case management suite of software for law firms is designed to streamline processes, capture all of your billable time, and enable your fee earners to increase their case load whilst reducing their work load.

  • Workflow – a large library of charts for every area of law
  • Build-your-own workflow tool
  • Time recording
  • Document management
  • SMS text messaging
  • Digital dictation
  • Online case tracker for your clients
  • Mobile app for fee earners on the move
  • Fee earner desktop
  • Priority action list
  • Reminders
  • Practice diary integrated to Outlook
  • Litigation manager for case monitoring
  • Case navigator
  • File reviews
  • MOJ PI Portal for managing the claims process for road traffic accident, employers liability and public liability claims
  • Litigation costs management – a sophisticated module of functionality that answers Lord Justice Jacksons 2013 reforms and much more.
  • Legal Aid tools for managing publicly funded cases for crime, family, immigrations, mental health and actions against the police
  • Reporting
Legal Time Recording Software

Access Legal Fusion time recording is designed with Fee Earners in mind and not only does it encourage Fee Earners to capture all billable time, but it ensures time recording becomes second nature in all departments throughout the Practice.

It is fully integrated with every other module of the system, as well as with other business critical applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, providing the capacity for time associated with every single activity carried out by your Fee Earners to be accurately recorded.

The click of a button launches a Clock Face and a user can have up to nine timers active at once, which makes switching between tasks very easy. Fee Earners can record time for work prior to an account /case being opened and the booking of non-chargeable time is catered for too in LAWFUSION.

Notes can be recorded against time, and quick launch activities configured.

  • Fee earner time prompts
  • Matter charge rates
  • Time recording on-the-move
  • Time targets system
  • Time analysis
  • Easy timesheet entry
  • Auto-timesheets
  • Telephone timesheets
Legal Document Management Software

LAWFUSION provides a wide range of tools to fee earners and support staff enabling them to store all document types safely and efficiently for secure access and retrieval.

  • Document building
  • Auto-form production
  • Precedent library
  • Correspondence management
  • Court bundle gnerator
  • Document version control
  • Document register
  • Digital post room
  • Case panel for document production
  • Document consistency
Specialist Billing Modules

With LAWFUSION there is a selection of specialist billing modules available for legal aid billing and specifically for Family work, Immigration work, Mental Health Work, including:

Fee Earner Draft Billing

  • draft billing
  • billing wizard
  • flexible configuration
  • posting requests
  • bill manager
  • multi-level bill authorisation
  • account enquiries
  • monies on account
  • receipts in advance
  • priority action list

Legal Aid Billing

  • billing for all stages
  • auto-form production
  • specialist time recording
  • monthly bulk upload
  • assessed claims manager
  • full legal aid payment history
  • legal aid and KPI monitoring
  • profit & loss monitoring

Civil Billing

  • LAA civil online working
Litigation Costs Management Software

The LAWFUSION Costs Management Module is designed to save fee earners precious time and makes it easy to keep a tight control of litigation costs. LAWFUSION users are able to customise litigation costing templates on a case-by-case basis and allocate time budgets against the ‘Cost Stages’. Users are given traffic light style warnings when booking entries and allocating them against costs if they are getting near or going to exceed a limit allocated.

Users are able to auto-produce precedent H, & S, use costing templates with allocation against ‘cost stages’, and use litigation codes (born out of the original J-Codes theory) for litigation ‘tasks’ and ‘activities’.

  • Auto-Produce Precedent H, R & S
  • Costing Templates
  • J-Codes
  • Budget Breakdown
  • Legal Team Member View
  • Budget Rates
  • Traffic Lights
  • WIP Management forHigh Value Cases
  • Time Recording & Disbursements
  • Suitable For Other Areas ofLaw
  • Intuitive & Flexible
Workflow Procedures for all areas of law

As well as the generic workflow tool that enables LAWFUSION users to create their own workflows, there is also a large library of pre-defined workflow charts covering many areas of law.

  • Conveyancing
  • Crime
  • Debt Collection
  • Employment
  • Family
  • Financial Mis-selling
  • Personal Injury
  • Wealth Management
  • Immigration
  • Court of Protection
  • Mental Health
  • Create Your Own
Court Bundle Generator

The bundle generator takes all the stress out of court bundle creation. Users are given a bundle template to which they can add files and documents whilst they are preparing for court. When happy with the bundle it is saved as a PDF to the case ready for the court appearance.

  • Easy Drag & Drop
  • Automatic Page Numbering
  • File Types
  • Progress Bar
  • Indexing & Index Styles
  • Bundler Templates & Workflow
  • PDF Protect
  • Save & Come Back Later
  • Easy Navigation
Crime Module

Complete functionality for managing criminal cases from police station to crown court.

  • Crime Case Management
  • Auto-Form Production at the push of a button e.g. AF1, AF2, LF1, LF2, LF1O, LF1FF, CRM 7, CRM11, CRM18, CRM18A, 5144 + all other relevant crime forms.
  • Automated Crime Billing
  • Case Tracker & Secure Document Exchange
  • Document Bundler
  • Specialist Time Recording
  • Monthly Bulk Upload to LAA Online
  • Assessed Claims Manager Screen
  • Expenses and Disbursements Manager
  • Advanced Document Production
  • Compliance & Risk Management
  • Sophisticated Diary System
  • Centralised Address Book
  • Profit & Loss Monitoring
  • Court Duty Record System
  • SMS Text Messaging
  • Mobile Software App
  • Reporting
Family Law Module

Case management software designed especially for family and matrimonial work. Our suite of family law software gives users the functionality to efficiently handle all cases whether they are privately funded or funded through the LAA (Legal Aid Agency), enabling law firms to handle larger case loads more profitably whilst delivering a high-quality service. Like all other areas of the system, the family module can be tailored to the preferred working practices of your firm.

  • Family law case management
  • Auto-form production
  • Letter generation and email management all included.
  • Civil Billing
  • LAA Civil Online Working
  • Document Bundler
  • ‘Civil Legal Advice’ Contract integration
  • Integration with Legal Aid Agency’s Civil Family Fee Schemes (CPGFS, PFLRS and FAS).
  • Time Recording & Automatic Billing
  • SMS Text Messaging

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