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Software which puts the individual firmly at the centre and the ability to focus on what is important – a few reasons why our solutions are chosen to help deliver quality care.  Hear from our customers and partners to discover how our solutions have helped them overcome challenges and make a real difference in the care provided.

Health and Support Case studies

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Servelec Cambridge Cs Thumb

Cambridgeshire County Council

'We've been able to make a profound cultural change' - Mosaic case management system empowers Cambridgeshire County Council’s frontline Adult Services.

Servelec Cheshire Cs Thumb

Cheshire East Council

Education and social care teams at Cheshire East Council now have easy access to all the information they need in order to support children and young people, and their families

Servelec Cornwall Cs Thumb

Cornwall Council

Children’s Services in Cornwall were subject to intervention from the Department for Education between 2009 and 2013. With several areas highlighted for improvement, action had to be taken.

Servelec Nottinghamshire Cs Thumb

Nottinghamshire County Council

Servelec’s Discharge to Assess solution has helped to reduce delays in transfer of care at acute hospital trusts across Nottinghamshire.

Servelec Dudley Cs Thumb

Dudley Council

Servelec’s Synergy software helps Dudley Council deliver a unique digital case management journey.

Servelec Dundee Cs Thumb

Dundee Council

Servelec’s Mosaic software has helped Dundee Council to understand the needs of its service users and manage them better, bringing staff a single, digital view of each case.

Servelec Ealing Cs Thumb

Ealing Council

Servelec’s social care finance software helps Ealing Council provide an effective and efficient service to the 4,000 people in its care.

Servelec Essex Cs Thumb

Essex County Council

Servelec’s Core+ Youth Justice module helps youth offending teams at Essex County Council make their communities safer.

Servelec Hackney Cs Thumb

Hackney Council

Hackney Council turned to Servelec and Cerner to work in partnership to streamline health and social care services in the region.

Servelec Kentcounty Cs Thumb

Kent County Council

From primary and secondary admissions to SEN and early years, Servelec’s education management system, Synergy, helps make information sharing simple, and improves efficiencies across the board at Kent County Council.

Servelec Kentcore Cs Thumb

Kent County Council Children’s Centres and Youth Hubs

Servelec’s Core+ solution helps reduce risk, saves time and frees up Kent County Council’s Children’s Centres and Youth Hubs, so they can focus on those needing support.

Servelec Lancashire Cs Thumb

Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust

Rio, Servelec’s future-proof EPR system for community, mental and child health providers, has helped Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust to provide better, safer, patient-centred care

Servelec LBBD Cs Thumb

London Borough of Barking and Dagenham Council

Servelec’s Synergy software has enabled more immediate and closer communication between schools, parents and the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham Council.

Servelec Lincolnshire Cs Thumb

Lincolnshire County Council

Synergy education management software supports Lincolnshire County Council in achieving its integration and interoperability goals.

Servelec Medway Cs Thumb

Medway Council

Servelec’s support has allowed the team at Medway Council to take school admissions online and build a system that works for the families they serve.

Servelec Newport Cs Thumb

Newport City Council

A long-standing and successful partnership sees Newport City Council make significant costs and efficiency savings, using Servelec’s social care financial management software, Abacus Provider Portal.

Servelec Norfolk Cs Thumb

Norfolk County Council

Synergy guides Norfolk County Council along its 20-year development journey toward achieving positive outcomes for children and young people.

Servelec Northsomerset Cs Thumb

North Somerset Council

Servelec’s Core+ software provides North Somerset Council with a complete caseload management system which supports GDPR compliance and reduces the manual handling times of processing the data of young people.

Servelec Richmond Cs Thumb

Richmond and Wandsworth Council

Servelec’s Mosaic helps Richmond and Wandsworth Councils to unify FA processes; making both significant time savings and helping workforces to fully integrate across the boroughs.

Servelec Riolincolnshire Cs Thumb

Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Servelec’s Rio is helping to make a difference in the lives of people with mental health and learning disability needs in Lincolnshire, by enabling the Trust to deliver more effective and innovative services.

Servelec Stvincent Cs Thumb

St. Vincent’s University Hospital

Servelec’s patient flow and bed management software has given the frontline team at St. Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin, a digital way of managing beds - enabling the admission, transfer and discharge of its patients and a better, safer experience.

Servelec Stockport Cs Thumb

Stockport Council

Stockport Council’s switch to Servelec’s Synergy education management solution has improved the visibility of each child’s school attendance and simplified interactions with parents and schools

Servelec Wigan Cs Thumb

Wigan County Council

This project saw Servelec working together with the staff of Adults’ Services and Finance teams at Wigan Council to create the right view of service users, at the right time, on one single Mosaic platform.

Servelec Somerset Cs Thumb

Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

One centralised Electronic Patient Record (EPR), accessible across multiple care settings, is helping to provide better, safer, patient-centred care at Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

Demand Model Guide (1)

Tandridge District Council

The Wellbeing Prescription Service, as part of Surrey Heartlands ICS describes the use of Access Elemental Social Prescribing as a “game changer”. This digital social prescribing platform has enabled the service to expand and better meet the needs of clients, with improvements in data collection, monitoring and reporting.

G HSC Support 1206536806

Lorn and Oban Healthy Options

Lorn and Oban Healthy Options is a Scottish social prescribing service that focuses on improving mental health and wellbeing. They aim to empower clients to understand changes which could improve their lives. Healthy Options work hard to ensure clients make long-lasting behavioural changes, and with Access Elemental Social Prescribing’s help they’ve now established a new self-referral service THRIVE.

Find out more about THRIVE and how Access Elemental Social Prescribing has helped develop it to improve efficiency and increase time spent with clients instead of admin.