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We're still here, we've just found a new home for our products (Social Care Landscape and Demand ModelMarket Position Statement) alongside PAMMS within Access Market Insight & Analytics.

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Affinity Works

Explore the Affinity Works suite of solutions

Since joining forces with PAMMS, and becoming part of the Access Group, Affinity Works solutions are now part of a wider toolkit to support market shaping and oversight responsibilities. We’ll help you deliver insights on spend & activity, capacity & availability and accurately predict future demand.


Social Care Landscape

Delivers actionable intelligence to monitor risk and support contract management through market insight packs including population & demand, spend & activity, capacity & availability and quality & risk.


Quality assurance

Assessment and corrective action planning tool to support collaborative working with Providers to increase quality.


Demand Model

A market management tool that helps Local Authorities closely monitor their activity levels and makes highly accurate predictions about future demand / budget requirements.


Provider Returns

Digitising providers' self-assessment as well as other regular or emergency returns, to support contract management


Market Position Statements (MPS)

Use your social care data to construct interactive and automatically updated Market Position Statements thanks to our public plugin.


Risk Profiler

Bring together intelligence sources to evidence quality and financial risks amongst care Providers to support commissioning decisions and target help where needed.

See our software in action today

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See our software in action today

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