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Patient management software

Access hospital patient management solutions help improve patient management and the quality of patient care, reducing risk, and saving time, supporting hospital teams to deliver the right care to the right patient at the right time. 

The efficient management of patients impacts the safe and efficient functioning of the hospital service, with the measure of performance of many departments dependent on managing patient flow in hospitals. 

Why use electronic patient software?

Patient management software will: 

  • deliver timely information so teams can work collaboratively to deliver safe and effective care to patients 
  • provide a real-time view of bed occupancy to help improve the quality of patient care, reduce risk, and save time
  • interface with the existing patient administration systems and departmental solutions to provide a seamless and intuitive user experience
  • create the right environment for hospitals to standardise data capture, digitally manage the supply and demand of beds through the use of digital whiteboards, and mobile devices

Streamline hospital care with a dedicated patient management system

Access hospital patient management solutions are the ideal tool to help improve patient management and the quality of patient care.

Our patient management system reduces risk and saves time by delivering information quickly to clinicians, so they in turn can deliver the best care. See wards at a glance and patient details at the click of a button. Help develop safer wards by reducing the risks associated with outdated information.

Collaboration and communication are at the heart of this solution, with a real-time view of bed occupancy to help hospitals manage patient flow and accommodate as many patients as possible.

Benefits of patient management software

Provide an experience of joined-up care for patients

Improve the quality of patient, and drive your hospital’s digital strategy, by going paperless.  This will: 

  • provide clinicians with an at a glance status of patients on their wards 
  • let you see the status of interventions the patient is receiving, for example if a physiotherapy referral is active 
  • enable clinical teams to foresee up-to-date information, with a real-time view of patients’ movements and bed occupancy 
Deliver a safer patient journey

Inefficient patient journey mapping can lead to serious patient management problems. Use patient management solutions to: 

  • enable all team members to be better informed 
  • promote safer wards and reduce risks by sharing vital information in real-time 
  • ensure that care needs are not overlooked, by using the clinical indicators 
  • allow teams to plan more effectively, delivering a safer and more efficient experience for patients, through the dissemination of data in real-time. 
Achieve greater efficiencies

Drive improvements in communication and efficiency across the hospital, with our innovative patient management solution to: 

  • maximise bed capacity, deliver time savings and reduce waiting times for care processes 
  • create a collaborative environment for teams to work together and feel empowered to deliver safe and effective patient care 
  • enhance working practices, leading to improved patient safety and experience  
  • improve communication and user engagement, empowering frontline workers with access to up-to-date information in real-time  
  • minimise delays in the communications and activities across multidisciplinary teams, reducing overall length of stay 
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