Safer Medication Management

Helping you make medication management and medication administration safer in care homes and nursing homes.


Educate and innovate your medicine processes

Learn how operators of care homes and nursing homes are gaining control over their medicine processes to reduce risk and be more efficient. What processes and systems like eMAR are they using?

WHITEPAPER: eMAR - Is it for me?

Will eMAR benefit you? We think so. Find out how an eMAR system will benefit you, reduce risk and improve the care you provide, by having a read of our whitepaper. We highlight key features of eMAR and the importance of a medication administration system to make it clearer for you when deciding.

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FACTSHEET: Medication Management Software and eMAR

Understand what a complete system for medication management in care homes and nursing homes looks like including medication administration, stock control and eMAR

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CASE STUDY: Erskine Care Case Study

Erskine Care Homes in Scotland have been using Access Medication Management . With the software, their processes of administering, ordering and monitoring medicines have significantly improved in efficiency, along with totally eradicating missed medication. Find out how the system has helped them.

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ARTICLE: The battle of medication management and how to prevent errors

Medication management in domiciliary care doesn’t have to be a struggle, especially with medication error prevention strategies in place. We summarise the risks of incorrectly giving our medication in care homes and look at how systems can be used to prevent errors – making sure your practices are in line with CQC guidelines.

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ARTICLE: EMAR and EMM – What is the difference?

It’s good to have a detailed understanding of the difference between eMAR and EMM. There are clear differences between them both and we’ve outline the key information in this quick blog.

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ARTICLE: CQC research identifies the key medication issues across social care

The CQC have looked at key themes and issues with administering and managing medication across the care industry. Find out what these are and how they correlate with the use of software and new technologies.

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